22 June 2010

Work Plans

Here’s what I’m thinking about today: work, and how to do less of it.

So, my partner has been laid off and working only sporadically for the last year and a half. This is hard on both of us. Partly because of the money, of course, and partly because of the self esteem (for her) and the resentment (for me). I’m trying not to be resentful, really I am! It’s just that I hardly ever get to just hang around at home and I would love to do that more. I can tell you one thing for sure, if I had all the time off that she does, the house would be cleaner, the laundry would be caught up, the tv would NOT be on… but, to be fair, the grass would not be cut, the weeds would not be pulled… etc. She does the chores she likes. And, she cooks dinner about 95% of the time. Thank the goddess for that, otherwise we might starve. I hate to cook.

I have 16 years of service at my present employer. How did it rack up so high? Day by day, I guess. I was only going to work here a couple of years…. So, my thought now is that I will stick it out for 4 more years and get to 20. At that point, I would like to either work here part time, say 20 hours a week, or work somewhere entirely different. I won’t be old enough to collect retirement for a few more years, but I’ll be getting close. The more sensible thing would be to work here part time, since I’ll be accruing time off and sick leave at the highest rate and have all that seniority. I might look into a job share position. Ideally, I’d like to work two 10s.

The other option I am considering is training for medical coding. A lot of coders work from home, even those in my archaic department. Work one day in the office and a couple of days from home. That would be do-able.

Back to the girlfriend: she wants to do something different, and I think that is a good idea. She has been in construction for 30 years and it has taken a toll on her body. She is getting too old and stiff and sore to keep up that kind of physical work. And yet, she doesn’t want a sitting down job. She really is not an office worker. Her thought now is to work with animals, which would be perfect for her. She is looking into dog grooming, which at first I felt ambivalent about. But, what the hell, it’s her life and if that would make her happy and bring in enough income, what do I care? So she comes home smelling like a wet dog – that’s what showers are for.

She is also going back to community college just to explore some other options. This is huge for her. She hasn’t set foot in a classroom for a very long time. She is pretty nervous about it but willing to go. I’m very proud of her for that. Tonight is her first class!

So, I told her that she needed a 4 year plan. She needs to pick something and get it going well enough to pay the bills in the next 4 years. Then I can move to my part time plan and have a little spare time to futz around the house. We’ll both have a 4 year plan. I think it will work.

Here's to the future!

16 June 2010

Catching my breath

I've been busy of late. My work has been crazy, what with vacations (others, not my own), sick calls, maternity leave, etc. Some days there just aren't enough of us left to hold down the fort.

I've also been busy with my martial art and self defense instructing. I'm going to be able to finish my apprenticeship but just barely squeaking it in under the wire. Whew! Unfortunately, we are teaching a lot of kids classes right now since a 7 year old boy went missing over a week ago. Talk about a sick and sad feeling. I can't imagine what the families are going through.

We are in the middle of the house guest blitz and have a short lull before the next one. All of that should taper off in mid-July.

I've missed reading your blogs! If you have noticed a lack of commentary from me, it's only because I haven't had time to get on line... not because I am lacking an opinion about every damn thing! I'm trying to catch up, but some will just have to go unread (or at least uncommented).

Tonight is T's niece's 8th grade graduation. That's sure to be a good time... No rest for the weary!

03 June 2010


We spent a pleasant hour this morning counter-protesting the idiots from Westb*ro Baptist Church. They were picketing at my daughter's old high school and I'm not taking that lying down. What a bunch of lunatics! All they've done is mobilize the sane people to take a stand against them. And, just before Pride!

My camera is misbehaving lately, so I only have a couple of blurry phone pictures. I'm gonna look for some pictures online, because Portland can be pretty colorful when it comes to gay protests.

That's me with the sign saying, "Don't be a HATER".