14 February 2011

The Best Valentine's Day Ever

Several years ago, when my daughter and my best friend lived with me, we three single gals had a spontaneous and wonderful Valentine’s Day. 

Often, Valentine’s Day (or VD as we like to call it), can have a sour note for the singletons.  Nobody to shower all of that love and affection on, nobody to shower you back.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Instead of pissing and moaning, we three decided ~ independently of each other ~ to spread a little VD love around our household.  When we were all three home from work and school, Lisa said, “I have a little something for you girls.”  At which point Zoe and I looked at each other, eyebrows raised, and said, “Hang on, me too!”

We all trotted upstairs and came down with our offerings.  It was better than the Gift of the Magi! 

Lisa bought each of us a heart-shaped pin; three of them, all matching.  Zoe bought each of us a small, heart-shaped box of chocolates.  I bought each of us a bouquet of flowers.  We arrived back in the living room and laughed and laughed.  Each of us had candy, flowers and jewelry! 

We may have been short of lovers that year, but we weren’t short of love.

08 February 2011

Question for you bloggers

Does your partner/girlfriend/wife/significant other read your blog?  Does she (he) know about your blog?  How do you handle that?

I have two blogs.  This one, where I bitch talk about my gf and our relationship, our crazy families, my doubts and occasional delights.  The other blog is for my family and friends that I know in RL.  It's less gay and more topical to Portland.  Although, I have plenty of gay friends and readers on that blog as well.  It's not a gay vs not gay thing, ok!  It's really just a matter of spilling my guts to you all in a way that I can't to my family and friends.  They would probably all hate me or hate my gf.  Gah!  Complicated!

So, how do other people handle that?  Do you let your s.o. read your stuff and just shrug it off?  Of course, many of you never have a cross word to say about your lovers, and how great for you, so it wouldn't matter if she read your blog.  But, for those of you who are in a similar situation to mine, what do you do?

One funny thing is that I can hardly get T to read my family blog.  So, really, I shouldn't be worried!  Right?

Here's the link to my family blog.  Feel free to read and comment or ignore.  I don't know why I am stressing about this.  Do I feel ... deceitful?  Sneaky?  Less than open?  I guess I am.  Does it matter?  Am I overanalyzing?  Probably.  Sigh.  Anyway...


03 February 2011

Well, that explains a lot!

I did drink a lot of Ovaltine as a kid...

01 February 2011

Sometimes I make myself laugh...

I was on the bus early this morning and somewhere along 5th Avenue downtown I looked up and saw Mt Hood perfectly silhouetted between two apartment towers.  The sun was coming up behind the mountain and the sky was just starting to glow pink.

I got out my phone to take a quick picture to share with you:

Yeah, that's right.  Pointed the damn thing the wrong way and took a picture of myself and another random bus rider on the Number 8!

Go ahead and laugh!  It's funny!  I was laughing; still am.