13 November 2009


My gf has a birthday coming up this month. Not just any birthday, either, it's the big 5-0!

Several months ago she had thought that it would be pretty great to go to Hawai'i for her birthday. Well, hell yes, it would be! And, it would have the added bonus of getting us out of town during the Thanksgiving holiday. No worries about hosting the dinner or whose house to go to, just us on a white sand beach. Well, she decided that she didn't want to do that after all.

I suggested just a weekend at the beach or the mountains or the Columbia Gorge. Stay at a nice hotel or B&B and just chill for a weekend. She thought about that for a few days and decided that no, she didn't want to do that either.

Well, how about just a night downtown in a fancy hotel and dinner somewhere swanky? No, she actually doesn't want to go anywhere. She doesn't want to leave the pets, especially the kittens (but wait, I said, we went to the beach a month or so ago and they were fine!). Nope. Doesn't want to go.

OK. I can accept that. We'll stay home. But, she doesn't want a party either. Now, I had a big party for my 50th in the spring. And had a smashingly good time. But, she is not as social as I am and the idea doesn't appeal at all. What about just a few close friends? No. Well, can we go out to dinner with our close friends? No. But maybe we can meet up with them after dinner. Finally! Finally getting some answers here!

So, it looks like we'll have dinner out and then maybe, just maybe, meet some friends and go to a club. Maybe some dancing, maybe some pool. She is being fairly difficult over this one!

I have a few ideas for gifts but haven't come up with anything that feels just right. That's where you all come in! I'm open to suggestions. So far I have purchased a New Orleans Saints hoodie, and a gift coupon for a massage. I'm going to pick up some shirts at Old Navy. I'm also getting her a planer ~ a woodworking tool ~ which I know she wants.

What to get the butch who has most everything she desires? Anyone have any brilliant ideas?


8thdayplanner said...

I can't speak to the butch side of things, but I feel a kinship to your gf in that I prefer to be home. On birthdays all I ever want is to have special time together. Uninterupted. Our lives are so hectic all I really want time to stand still and be together.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way, home is where I want to be on my birthday.

What about a photo montage on video. I've seen a few of those and it's so sentimental and appropriate for a special birthday. You would have to find someone in your area who would put it all together but all you would have to do is get about 50 pics and find good songs. I suggest Van Morrison's These are the Days. :)

eb said...

How about a strap on? Hehehe. Ok that would be more for you. I,for one, want to get laid on my 50th birthday and I don't care where the hell that happens (mostly).

Since she wants to be home, then just pamper her completely at home. If she wants to be home then give that to her completely.

weese said...

yeah ...what they all said.
don't worry too much about the gifts. its not about the gifts.
turn the tv off, turn the lights down, and spend time together.
reminisce, talk of the future, laugh at the moment...
(bubbly liquids can be fun too -might I suggest Veuve Clicquot)

Jen said...

Have her long time friends write about their first/favorite delivered...more time for birthday 'fun' if there is no cooking in the kitchen involved.

A planer...I am jealous.

e said...

Yes, you are all right. Give the girl what she wants... time. We talked about it again this weekend and what she would really like is for me to get a sub for my Saturday classes so that we can have a full weekend ~ of working on the house! Oh joy. Well, it's what she wants, so yes, I'll gladly do that.

And after a day of working on the house, we'll soak in the hot tub, drink mimosas, and have some face time. I sure hope she wants what eb wants! Cuz that's one gift I'll be happy to give!

Murray said...

Hot tubs, mimosa's, face time, and accessories... hmmm... I am going to keep that in mind when my gf asks what I want for my 50th! :-)

Hope you both have fun.

Grumpy Granny said...

I just read this, and since November is almost over, I'm wondering if the BD has happened and if your gift was well received. Your GF sounds like me in that "partying" is not the most attractive thing to do for a celebration, but in my case a perfect gift would be for G to drop me off at the movie theater when it opens and come back in about 8 hours! ;-)

Hope a fabulous time was had by all!