07 January 2010

New Year

I went to an early morning workout at my gym yesterday and wow! I am sore all over!

I'm not going to call it a New Year's resolution because that feels too compulsory to me. I have been intending to get back into better shape, lose some weight, and just feel better for some time now. I guess the turning of the year is merely a symbolic time to start.

I am not especially inactive. I teach martial arts to kids three days a week. There is always some running around in those classes. But, teaching the class is not the same as taking the class. You get a much better workout taking the class.

My job is very sedentary though. I sit in front of a computer all day long, five days a week. My home life has become rather sedentary too. Way too much time spent sitting on the couch watching tv, or sitting and reading. Don't get me wrong; I would rather read than do just about anything. But, it's not contributing to my physical wellness.

My martial art school also has a gym. I love it because you can get an amazing workout without all the spandex attitude. The first time I took a fitness class it was taught by an artistically tattooed dyke wearing cut-off plaid men's trousers and a tank top. She kicked our butts!

One of my support staff team members also works out there. I asked her last week if she would be interested in going to the early morning 'boot camp' class two days a week and carpooling to work afterward. She loved the idea. We went yesterday and we're going again tomorrow. It feels so good afterwards!


Murray said...

Good for you! Getting a workout over first thing in the morning is so motivating - even if you are sore. I wish my commute would allowed it.

8thdayplanner said...

I love my early morning workouts, but "boot camp" sounds much too strenuous for me. Good for you!

eb said...

I just signed up for 9 boot camp sessions. I've done it before. You get in shape real fast. Love it but motivatin' to get there is a real task.

LeLo said...

So impressive: go YOU!

greg said...

I took a boot camp class at my gym once and still remember the pain I was in for days after. Keep up the good work(out!) and make it a routine. That's the trick.

e said...

Day two and I'm feeling better. It's actually such a great class that I'm tempted to go three times a week.

The only downside is that I get to work much later than I ordinarily start, so I have to stay later or use some accrued time off. It's worth it, though. I'm sore but it's a good sore... you know?

Grumpy Granny said...

I totally hear you. We are considering getting a Wii, so maybe we could do some things together. Working at home does have its drawbacks in that you never want to leave! ;-)


liz said...

Good for you! Having a work out buddy is a good idea, helps keep you motivated.

We've got our treadmill out of the box, just need to lubricate the belt and put it to use.

I've been thinking of trying a boot camp, maybe in the Spring.

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