19 April 2012

Yep. Still here.

Hello, Blog Friends!

How have you been?  Good?  Fair to middlin'?  Hanging on by your fingernails?  Hope all is well with you... really.

I've been... meh.  So so, on a good day.  Just not feeling much joy of late.  I won't burden you with my depressive woes, cuz that's boring, but I'll just say that I've thought about you all frequently.  I've been reading your blogs (and even commenting occasionally), and have been meaning to write *something* for crying out loud, for weeks.  Thanks for sharing your lives electronically -- it takes me away from my self-involvement and that's a refreshing change.

Finally, though, I have something pleasant to say.  Yay!  Today is my daughter's birthday.  Yes, the Kid is 28 years old!  Wow!  How the hell that happened, I have no idea.

And, to continue with the pleasantness, next week I am going to visit my two besties and the Kid is coming too!  We are all going to get together at Lisa's house in Long Beach, California.  The last time the four of us were together was for Zoe's 21st birthday, so.... yeah, it's been awhile.  It's going to be fun!  Zoe and I are flying down on Thursday night and KA is taking the train down from the Bay Area.  We are going to go over to Catalina for the day on Friday and then just hang out all weekend.  There is a beach bonfire planned for Saturday night which is what Lisa chose for her birthday celebration.  There will certainly be some consumption of champagne and assorted alcoholic beverages.  There will also be some delicious food because Lisa is a fabulous cook.  We are planning a marathon card game session as well.  Oh yes, we will be having those famed 'good times'.  I'm very much looking forward to it!

What's that?  What will T be doing that weekend?  By some twist of fate or cosmic alignment, T's sister has a trade show to attend for work that same weekend and asked T is she would like to come along.  They are going to Las Vegas for the weekend.  So, no guilt trips being thrown my way from the partner.  Whew!

So, that's my news for today.  I'll try to get back before another month (or so) slips by.  Thanks for reading, lovely people.


Anonymous said...

It's SO great getting a update from you!

I kinda, sorta remember the guilt trip from your last...well, trip out there. At least this one will be different and plus Zoe's coming along so it's bound to be fabulous - which is exactly what you need these days. Have a blast and keep us posted. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip, you deserve to chill:-)

Jen said...

Sounds awesome! Sun, friends and family!

Em said...

How wonderful. (And sooo close to me! Blast!)Happiness all around for everyone. :)

the only daughter said...

Happy belated birthday to your "kid" and best wishes today and beyond. So happy for your trip and all the best for good times to be had by all. :-)

elf said...

Happy belated birthday to your baby girl who is still your baby but not so much of a baby anymore. How much younger we all were 28 years ago.

I guess you're back from your trip and I'm assuming it was awesome and fabulous. Glad you got to have a weekend away with your girls.

Yes, thanks for stopping by the blog, if it weren't for you and Deborah I'd just be talking to myself.

jean said...

So glad to have you back, Plu! Have a wonderful trip and enjoy everything that comes your way to the 10th power! Life is too short to stand on the sidelines, you know? Hope your partner got the job sitch figured out. I'm coming to Portland for a biz trip in June - I'll be thinking of you!