31 August 2015

Microblog Monday


Yes, still here.

Brief update?  Sure, why not.

Approximately one third done with the cancer thing.  T has finished the debilitating chemotherapy.  Yay!  She will have 'chemo lite' through May of next year but only one drug and (reportedly) very few side effects.  Her hair will grow back.  Her GI tract will stabilize.  Many other things will return to normal(ish).

We meet with the surgeon this week.  Bilat mastectomy in 4 to 6 weeks.

While none of this sounds cheer-worthy, there's something to be said for simply getting through it.  That's where we are now.

And, because this is 'Micro'...that's all I'm able to produce today.

Cheers, all of you lovely people!


illustr8d said...

Makes me happy to see you here on Microblog Mondays. I've missed you & been thinking about you & T and how the two of you are doing.

Glad the more difficult chemo is over.

All good thoughts to you & T for the operation to go smoothly.

Many hugs, you beautiful woman!

Middle Girl said...

Greetings and Salutations!

Thankful for the update and thankful that it is filled with UP.

Keeping you bot in my thoughts and sending positivity out your way.


Secret Agent Woman said...

That's a long, hard path - I'm glad you can at least see light at the end of the tunnel with it.

8thday said...

I am feeling like such a schmuck for missing this post.

Surgery must be very close now. I am going to work on an email with some (possibly) helpful suggestions. Probably nothing you don't already know but at least I will feel like I am doing something.

Everyday, in every way, you guys are in my prayers.