31 March 2017

Early Morning Discovery

I am out of English Muffins, and out of bread.  How the hell am I supposed to get to work without my coffee and toast???

Toasted Angel Food Cake.

It's true!  When the cupboard is bare, Mother Hubbard makes do with what is on hand.  This morning, that was a stale angel food cake bar.  It toasts nicely!  But, quickly!  

Two thin slices, spread with peanut butter, two (and a half) cups of coffee.  It'll do.

Hi Ho!


8thday said...

This is effing genius!!!

I am going to make an angel food bake in a loaf pan just for this.

Spread with Nutella, of course.

This should be in the Breakfast Hall of Fame!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hahahahahaha! Actually, I bet it was quite tasty. It may become a regular breakfast now?

e said...

It was delicious! A trifle sweet for my preference, but it totally worked! It would (will) be a great weekend breakfast item...

Middle Girl said...

Wow. Love it. I can't do peanut butter but. .yeah.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I had french toast made with banana nut bread last weekend at a restaurant for brunch. Delicious.