06 April 2009

Spring and words

There is a tide to the current of words that flows through me. In spring words, like sap, warm up and begin flowing again.

Some words are cooking inside and on the page, but I was rereading some and this one called out to me. It wants to be read.


I watched your reflection
Ripple in the water
Distorting and reforming
Until again smooth

Is that interpretation or is it life?
Our surfaces flex
Contorting and shattering
But our core remains solid

In the moving waters of my mind I see you
Shimmering and shifting
Currents take hold
But never sweep you away

Your essence is solid and reassuring
And if tonight I forget, as I wade in dreams
What you look like
In the morning the whisper of your breath
On my neck, the weight of your arm
Spooning me close
Brings me back and reminds me
Who we are

ek 3/08

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