03 September 2009

Bike Update, etc

Ok, I rode home again yesterday. Two things:

1) My butt hurts! I need a new seat, for sure. One of those wide, padded, “lady” seats. Oh yes I do. I got off the tram yesterday, tucked my pant leg into my sock and swung my leg over the bike. OUCH! When I sat down, I stood right back up. I had to ride a couple blocks putting most of my weight on the pedals until my butt bones stopped complaining. I’m taking Friday off and I’ll be shopping for a comfy seat that day.

2) My timing is off. I said that it took me 40 minutes the first day, well, it took 50 minutes the second day and that just can’t be right. I didn’t wander around in RiverPlace, AND I rode up that short steep hill – which has to be faster than walking, right? I’m not sure how my timing got all wonky, but I’m still hoping to shave ten (or twenty) minutes off my time. I hope to get home in half an hour. I think I’ll be able to eventually.

So, part of my ride along the waterfront goes by a hangout zone for the homeless. It’s just a pleasant part of the park a little distance away from the businessy part of downtown (close to the Steel Bridge, by the cherry trees, if you know where I mean). Yesterday there were several people sprawled around in the grass and sitting on the benches. I noticed that there were also lots of pigeons taking a little rest there as well. I wondered, do the homeless ever catch and eat pigeons? They are certainly plentiful (I mean the birds), and surely, surely, they taste somewhat like chicken. But, then, I’ve wondered the same thing about squirrels. Why aren’t hungry people eating them? I’ve never had squirrel before but in my imagination it is a lean, dark meat. I asked T what she thought about that and she said, “Why go to all that trouble when you can panhandle a dollar and go to Wendy’s for a crispy chicken sandwich?” She does have a point there.

In other news, the concert tickets that we won are for tonight. Bonnie Raitt and Taj Mahal at the Edgefield! Very much looking forward to it! Gates open at 5, general admission seating on the grass, so we’ll be there on time. Really, really hoping that the rain holds off until tomorrow!


Murray said...

Yes, those padded seats with springs have helped me. But I have also found that adjusting the angle of the seat helps too.

I don't know about eating pigeons and squirrels. I am sure there would be some type of health hazard there somewhere.... my mother calls squirrels rats with big tails, so matter what they tasted like I couldn't ever go there. But then again, I don't really like venison either because I always think of Bambi.

Anonymous said...

Getting a better seat will def. help.

Have fun tonight!!

eb said...

Bonnie Raitt and Taj Mahal... wonderful. Yes, hope the rain stays away.

Squirrels are rats with big tails and pigeons are rats with wings. Eww.

e said...

You know, rats with big tails has always been the feeling in my family. My mother hates squirrels! And, pigeons? Please. We need more urban predators to keep those populations down. Bring on the mountain lions! Or maybe something smaller, say a Lynx. But, I digress...