09 September 2010

The First Week

Here’s where I confess that I am not perfect.*

T and the niece are driving me crazy! It’s not anything specific that either of them are doing, it’s just that they are so very… there. T has a big personality and I’ve pretty much adjusted to her. But, she is unsure of herself in this new role as parent, and that is making her question me constantly about whether or not she should do this, that, or the other. Just because I have raised one kid doesn’t make me an expert! Sure, she turned out pretty well, but I made plenty of mistakes.

And the niece. She has this habit of standing right behind us. I’ve actually turned around in the kitchen and bumped into her, she was so close. I understand that she is in a new environment, that she doesn’t know me all that well, that everything in her life has changed, but please child, give me some room! She is following me around like a puppy.

And then there’s the rest of the family! T’s sister is on the phone every day and has been over to the house several times. T’s mom and brother and nephew have been over. Of course they miss the girl and want to see her room and all of that stuff, and it’s all good in general, but there is just no break from them. I feel like it’s ten thousand of them versus one of me. I’m outnumbered!

The topper? T offered to dog-sit for an ex of hers this week. We have an elderly miniature dachshund underfoot as well. ARGH! One that is pampered and treated like a baby and expects to sleep IN the BED with me and T. Under the covers! And came to our house stinky and with FLEAS! It’s too much.

One week down, three years and fifty one weeks to go…

*Just for the record, I do not think that I am perfect. I am a flawed individual who is showing signs of strain.


eb said...

Our son, Thomas (my bio son), lives with us. He has two jobs, is pretty much not around, doesn't make much of a mess, does his own laundry, buys his own food yet... he's very much 'there'.

He, of course, thinks the same about us. He loves us blah blah, but loves when we go on vacation because he can have time to himself. He hates it when one of us comes home from work early.

It's human nature.

Somehow, you have to make time for personal solitude. How you do that, I don't know.

I recently told the queen that I'd like two days where the tv is off. She watches stuff on netflix every day. Banging, crashing, loud shows. I can't take it. I need quiet.

Insist on it.

Good luck. May the force be with you.

Darlene said...

First things first: I'd bathe the dog and put some Advantage on it. Poor thing must be suffering.
Second: You need to make time for yourself; find something you can do alone; it might be yardwork but, at least you'll be out there alone. Plus you'll be so tired, you won't care what is sleeping in your bed. And if push comes to shove, there is always the bathroom. lol

8thdayplanner said...

Living in a very tiny house, I am feeling your pain.

Is there anyplace you can call your own? Perhaps a nice hot bath for a little private time?

Maybe once the structure and rountine of the school year has fully kicked in, it will get better.

It is strange for me that now that Beanie and her entourage aren't around, I am actually missing the chaos. Sort of.

Maria said...

You know what I do in situations like this? I pretend that I am in a sitcom and look exactly like Tina Fey. It eases the nerves.

Seriously, though....ugh. I am so sorry but maybe things will calm down eventually. But, hey...when you are someone's guest you DO NOT offer to babysit animals for others unless you go to their home to do that. Rule.

e said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I know it will get better; we will develop a routine.

I have turned the box room (a small storage room housing the attic stairs) into my private space. I'll spend more time in it when they figure out how to get along without my help. It's mostly the homework help right now.

Just fyi, we did put Advantage on the little dog the first day. And, she goes home this weekend.

Tina Fey... chuckle. Yeah.

greg said...

I hope the weekend brought you some quiet time. I'm a big fan of personal space so I can feel your pain with having that taken away.

Congratulations for getting through that first week!

liz said...

You are a better person than me. I think I would've lost my lid by now.

I hope you get some space (and time) for yourself soon.