29 September 2010

Teenagers. Go figure.

Come Monday it all turned around. I don’t know if she still wants to move back to Gramma’s house, but her sullen attitude has disappeared and she is back to her good natured self. That’s a relief. I wasn’t looking forward to kicking her and T out of the house. Much.


eb said...

Well, if she's as smart as you say, she probably realized the Gramma she saw over the weekend is not the Gramma she'd be living with.

Gosh... how many more years do you have?

e said...

1 month down, 3 years 11 months to go...

Grumpy Granny said...

Teenagers. My advice is when these mood swings hit, to put up some boundaries. Let her know that she is certainly entitled to her emotions, but not to make anyone else (you and T) miserable. She can sulk in her room till she feels better. WITHOUT attention.

I'd also suggest giving her a journal and PROMISING ON PAIN OF DEATH never, EVER to read it, so she can sulk, pout, yell and moan to her heart's content on the page. If she doesn't use it, no big loss, but it might help.

Good luck. The thing is, she probably really likes it with you guys, but teenage contrariness won't let her admit it.