08 February 2011

Question for you bloggers

Does your partner/girlfriend/wife/significant other read your blog?  Does she (he) know about your blog?  How do you handle that?

I have two blogs.  This one, where I bitch talk about my gf and our relationship, our crazy families, my doubts and occasional delights.  The other blog is for my family and friends that I know in RL.  It's less gay and more topical to Portland.  Although, I have plenty of gay friends and readers on that blog as well.  It's not a gay vs not gay thing, ok!  It's really just a matter of spilling my guts to you all in a way that I can't to my family and friends.  They would probably all hate me or hate my gf.  Gah!  Complicated!

So, how do other people handle that?  Do you let your s.o. read your stuff and just shrug it off?  Of course, many of you never have a cross word to say about your lovers, and how great for you, so it wouldn't matter if she read your blog.  But, for those of you who are in a similar situation to mine, what do you do?

One funny thing is that I can hardly get T to read my family blog.  So, really, I shouldn't be worried!  Right?

Here's the link to my family blog.  Feel free to read and comment or ignore.  I don't know why I am stressing about this.  Do I feel ... deceitful?  Sneaky?  Less than open?  I guess I am.  Does it matter?  Am I overanalyzing?  Probably.  Sigh.  Anyway...



weese said...

i don't keep mine a secret from anyone. i never write anything that i wouldn't want someone to read. (well i do curse sometimes...)
same with what i say outloud.
just makes life easier.

the only daughter said...

When my former gf and I met and began dating I didn't tell her about mine. I might have at some point but she found it in the interim. Not shocked, surprised, filled with wonder.

I try to be intentional, deliberate, and now that I know at least one co-worker reads, diplomatic with my posts.

Pretty much how I am in real life.

Still...there is a ranting place that is for me and me alone.

B said...

Yes, my partner reads mine because it's supposed to be about us. Sometimes, though, I wish I had a private blog where I could just vent.

e said...

It's the venting and ranting and rambling place that I don't want to give up...

greg said...

Your family blog is now in my Reader--thanks for sharing that!

I think it's good to have a private place to vent.

grumpygranny said...

G knows about my blog and reads it sometimes--usually when I ask her to, or when I tell her I've done a particular post. Otherwise, she's just not a big blog reader. I don't really worry about "venting" because afterwards, we usually talk about whatever it was that got be twittered. That's one reason I do like wordpress--you can have private posts if you REALLY want to vent!



e said...

Greg - it'll probably bore the pants off you, but if you are ever in Portland you'll have all kinds of useless local information!

GG - I've thought about the password protected posts, but it feels like waving a red cape in front of a bull. It says, "Honey, I'm writing about you and you don't get to read it!"

grumpygranny said...

e--yeah, but it's not always about HER that I password things. Sometimes, I only want the laundry out just so far!



liz said...

This is why I like Wordpress, I can write posts and set them to private so that only I can see them.

This lets me vent but keep it to myself. Later, if I've decided to change my mind, I'll make it public or trash it. :)

Jen said...

My blog is open to all, and Sara frequently suggests things to me to blog about. I have to keep things simple because I am a simple girl.

But then again, there are things I would like to share with my homies in blogland that I don't want to share with the fam... That is the trade off.