01 February 2011

Sometimes I make myself laugh...

I was on the bus early this morning and somewhere along 5th Avenue downtown I looked up and saw Mt Hood perfectly silhouetted between two apartment towers.  The sun was coming up behind the mountain and the sky was just starting to glow pink.

I got out my phone to take a quick picture to share with you:

Yeah, that's right.  Pointed the damn thing the wrong way and took a picture of myself and another random bus rider on the Number 8!

Go ahead and laugh!  It's funny!  I was laughing; still am.



8thdayplanner said...

Wait...I think I can see Mt. Hood in the reflection in your glasses.
No, never mind.

Thanks for the smile.

Anonymous said...

Totally something I would do!



Anonymous said...

That guy behind you is cracking me up - poor guy, he has no idea.

Thanks for the laugh!

Jen said...

I frequently wish I could have caught myself in the moment that I was doing something ridiculous...like the time I boiled a melon.

Congrats for mastering this!