11 May 2011

Bit my tongue

So, yes, the Kid left yesterday.  I miss her fiercely.

When T got home from picking up the niece, and they walked in the door, it was all I could do to keep from saying: "Why are you people still here?"

I managed to keep that to myself.  Just barely, but I behaved.  They are trying to be extra nice to me, which I appreciate, but there is no filling of that void with empty words and nice behaviour.

I'll get over it.  I always do.  And, this time I really have something to look forward to: the relocation of the Kid to Portland!  That's what I've got and I'm going with it.


eb said...

Hang in there. It won't be long.

8thdayplanner said...

I have one college aged kid I'd be happy to lend you. Home 5 days and driving me up a wall already.

Biting your tongue? We need to talk : )

eb said...

Ok, I commented on this post and the comment is not here. Same thing happened over at Weese's place. As my 6yo nephew would say... weeee-rrrd.

Can't remember what I said now, but glad your baby is moving to Portland. We've actually have seriously considered it to the point where I've been looking to see what kind of work is available. So far, nothing for what I do. But we shall see.

e said...

Seriously? You've considered moving to Portland??? Wowser! Keep looking!

Oh, and the rain thing? Hey, I moved here from Arizona, so yeah, you can adjust to anything!

(I noticed this strange Google phenomenon as well...)

Maria said...

Ugh. Bing leaves Friday for Berlin and Liv leaves on Saturday for France. I am distraught...so right in your corner, dude.