29 August 2011

Near the end

I am sleeping at my parents house now.  The hospice nurse says we have a week or so.  Mom is sleeping a lot, but when she is awake she is often quite restless.  We had a morning of good lucidity today, although it began at 4am, we'll take it whenever we can.

Pop and I were able to help her to the bathroom, which she much prefers over the other options.  Well, who doesn't, right?  She also had a half a cup of tea this morning, which we consider a fantastic accomplishment.

I have dashed home for a quick shower and clean clothes.  I've answered some emails and thought that I would post this brief update.  I would update more, but my parents computer is a relic and I haven't even tried.

Thank you, all, for keeping us in your thoughts.


8thdayplanner said...

Tears are leaking but I'm holding you gently with thoughts of love, strength and compassion.

Anonymous said...

I wish you so much strength and comfort.

weese said...

peace, friend.
what you are doing right now is so very, very important.
it is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

eb said...

e... yes, thinking of you in what will be a difficult and emotional week. xo

the only daughter said...

. . . and the greatest of these is love