01 December 2011

Some good stuff

Here are some good things that have brightened my days lately.

1) The Kid is moving back to the Pacific Northwest!  Yes, it's true!  Finally!  Zoe's man got a job at that big computer outfit near Seattle and they are headed this way.  I am so effing happy about that.  There are lots of details to work out, of course, but the thought of having her just three hours away is fantastic.

2) T got a job!  A real 40 hour a week job!  True, it's a 6 month temp but they told her at the interview that they want to make it permanent.  Now we just have to set an intention that they find the funding and hire her permanently.  And the best part?  It's doing maintenance at the Zoo!  She started this week and is already thrilled with it.  I told her that if she gets on permanent she'll have to stay for 20 years so that she will have a retirement.  She is so happy!

3) My two best friends are coming for a long weekend, starting tomorrow!  Lisa had been planning on coming for months, she wanted to see my mum one last time but this was the soonest she could get away.  Of course, it's too late for that but she is coming anyway to cheer me up and just hang out.  Then, last week, she told T that she was planning a surprise and bringing my other bestie along for the weekend too!  I'm not supposed to know but T told me because it's hard to hide details like getting out the air mattress and planning for more than one house guest.  I'm sworn to secrecy and I will be the most surprised person ever when KA shows up!  I'm just so happy to have friends who care so much about me.

I'm grateful.  Very, very grateful.  In the midst of my sorrow, here are reasons for gratitude.  Thank you, Universe.  I haven't felt happy for a long while, and here are three outstanding reasons.



8thdayplanner said...

It really doesn't get any better than daughters and friends, does it?

Now my heart is bursting with happy for you.

(and a fully employed partner is just icing on the cake)

elf said...

Yay for brightened days. That's fantastic T got a job at the Zoo. Happy wife, happy life. Hell, I'd like to work at the zoo. Thank goodness your daughter is getting out of Iowa. Because Iowa doesn't exist. She's in a vortex. It's like Idaho. We drove through Idaho on our way home. I still don't believe it exists.

Have fun with your bffs!

KMae said...

A job at a ZOO?? WOW! Coolest thing I've heard in years!

the only daughter said...

1. oooohweee on daughter moving back to the area

2. double ooooweee on T's job. (zoo, awesome)

3. tripe ooooweee on spending time with best-ties.

yay for the good stuff.

Maria said...

I am so glad that your partner told you about the surprise. I DETEST surprises of any kind and Bing knows this. She told me of a 50th birthday surprise party that I would have HATED and ok, did hate, but at least I was prepared and made the best of it.

Congrats on the new job.

Maria said...


Iowa does exist. I grew up there. It is a grand state and very liberal. It's only big drawback is Winter. That is it.

Iowa rocks.

John Gray said...

thank you for your kind words