15 December 2011


My dreams have been mostly of loss lately.  Whether the subject be my mother or someone else, or things, or intangibles, the theme has been loss.

Yesterday I had these dreams.

The first one featured my mum.  She and my dad and I were sitting in a living room, the two of them on the couch.  We were all chatting and at one point I realized that, Hey!  Mum is back!  And her brain is working perfectly!  After that, once it became apparent that I was dreaming, the dream ended.  I can’t remember what we were talking about, unfortunately.

In the second dream, I was in some kind of tricky situation where I needed to escape from someone.  I don’t remember that part of the dream.  It was out in the country, in a rural upland.  There were poorly developed roads – maybe dirt, maybe gravel – with trees and shrubs growing right up to the roadway.  I was driving a sedan.  It was summer and I had the window open.  I crested a slight rise and looked out over a wide valley.  What I didn’t realize was that the road turned sharply to the left, but I didn’t.  The car went soaring through the air and nosedived into a lake.  The water was very green.  As the car was flying through the air I saw what was happening and many thoughts flashed through my head about how to survive the situation.  I couldn’t remember if the window should be up or down.  I took a deep breath.

The car hit the water and plummeted like a stone, like a steel coffin.  I freed myself from behind the wheel and struggled my way out of the window.  There were bubbles everywhere.  Green water and bubbles.  I kicked my way to the surface of the water.  As I came up for air, I saw that I was not far from the shore.  I swam a few strokes and found myself standing on an underwater ledge.  I looked back at the car and saw that it was now on the ledge as well.  My thought was, ‘at least it won’t be too hard to get it out of there.’

That’s all I remember.  A strange night's sleep, for sure.


the only daughter said...

The water dream would have had me done with sleeping.

What your mind is manifesting is quite natural. Unsettling yes, but natural.

8thdayplanner said...

I love the dreams where people I have loved appear calm and healthy - it always feels like such a gift to be able to visit with them.

The anxiety dreams - not so much.

Maria said...

Holy shit...you are a real problem solver, aren't you? Even in your dreams.

And water is usually indicative of sex, you know...so, jump of that ledge and start enjoying those bubbles.

Em said...

So sorry I'm just now commenting. I think life was ... chaotic ... when this was posted.

First, I believe that dreams with a passed over loved one are them visiting us and letting us know they're really okay. I do believe that's the way that works. So I think your Mom was checking in.

The water dream's one of the things I worry about. (Really. I got one of those little window hammers for my son for one of his solstice presents.)I always think of water as emotions, since that's what water is in tarot and astrology. Personally, I would take that dream positively. You dealt with it and made it through. So well done!