09 January 2012

So far, so good...

On the drinking, anyway.  I had no alcohol during the past week and much, much less on the weekend.  Also, something kind of funny: a prosecco that we had tried and found delightful a few weeks ago tasted ... weird ... to me this weekend.  Nothing wrong with it, per se, not like a sparkling wine that didn't get riddled properly and has a musty or moldy taste; no, it just didn't taste as good as I remembered.  So, I only had one glass.  Props to me!

Went to the gym on Friday before work and spent the rest of the weekend hobbling around like a crippled old woman.  Holy shit on FIRE!  Too much, too soon!  Couldn't go this morning because my thighs still hurt but I'll go on Wednesday.  I didn't realize how very, very out of shape I have become!  I'll just have to dial it down a notch or ten...  No need to keep up with the youngsters.  Actually, there is a woman in there who is just a couple of years older than me, and one who is nearly my mother's age ~ they both kicked my ass.  Ouch.

Got nothing done on my meditation space.  But, I haven't forgotten.  I'll get it organized when I can.

A little progress is better than no progress.


8thdayplanner said...

I was just reading that today is the day when, statistically, most people will give up their New Year's resolutions. So major props to you - you are already beating the odds!

I am not allowed back at the gym for another couple of weeks but I am afraid to find out how much I have back slid in the last two months. This surgery has really tapped my strength and stamina. I will be starting at square one. Double ouch.

Are you still teaching martial arts?

the only daughter said...

I opted against a glass for a couple of reasons, first and foremost having not been part of any organized routine for quite some time now, I didn't want to risk injury-especially trekking to said class in the dead of winter (though it has been spectacularly un-winter-like around these parts) which was another factor, due to the mild conditions I can be outside more.

Progress made, YaY. Keep it forward. :-)

Anonymous said...

You should really focus on stretching after your workouts. I find that helps a great deal with minimizing the pain afterwards.

You're doing so great!! Keep with it.

Vaporizer Reviews said...

Most of employees had already tested out for the few days. Hobbling about on his crutches, Bob seemed slightly unpleasant.

Maria said...

Change is best attempted in small doses, in my opinion.

Easier on us. Good luck!

weese said...

oo change.
scary change.
just kidding.
buck up... get back to that gym.
(take this from someone who abhors them)

Grumpy Granny said...

Props to you indeed. G has pretty much quit drinking because it seriously, SERIOUSLY aggravates her reflux. We narrowed it down to anything with carbonation. We were gradually giving up soda anyway, and beer went on the list. I'm not a big beer drinker so it wasn't hard for me. I do crave Dr. Pepper every so often, but again, the visions of empty calories keep me on the wagon.

I'm so with you on the exercise. I have fallen off big time with cold weather, dark, snow, etc. Excuses, I know, but there you have it. Just know that when you're out there sweating, I'm sending you support and when I'm on my bike riding to nowhere, I'll think of you!

Cheers in the new year!