06 January 2012

This year things will be better

They have to be, right?

I have been doing a whole lotta thinking of late, naturally.  About things like longevity and mortality and, you know, the meaning of life.  Just the average thoughts that come up when one's mother dies and then the New Year rolls around.

For the short term, I have a couple of resolutions.  Or, perhaps I'll call them adjustments.  They are simple and achievable, and oh-so-average.  That's ok, though, because we all want to do these things and collectively we can encourage each other.  They are:

  • Get back to a regular work out schedule and ride my bike as often as the weather permits.  I worked out regularly last year until my mum got sick.  And, I rode my bike even when I didn't have the time to make it to the gym.  That is, I rode until the weather got too crappy and until I had to start going over to the parent's house in the evening as well as the morning.  There just wasn't enough time at that point. So, without regular exercise... let's just say that my pants are uncomfortably tight right now and I don't like it.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption to weekends only (with a caveat for special occasions).  Last year T and I went teetotal for the month of January and weekends only for the month of February.  After that our imbibition gradually crept up until we were drinking every day after work and all day long on the weekends.  That's just too much.  For one thing, it's a lot of empty calories.  For another thing, I don't like to feel that I need a drink.  I want to drink because I enjoy the taste or the fizziness of the bubbles not because I had a rough day at the office.  T is not joining me this year (which bugs me just a little) but so far so good.  I've actually been enjoying our delicious tap water and really feeling good about preserving my liver rather than pickling it.
  • Increase my time spent meditating.  I feel quite strongly the need to spend more time with an inward focus.  I may need to rearrange some physical spaces in my house to make this possible, but that's easily done.  The harder part of it is dedicating the time and encouraging the other members of my household to leave me alone.
Just those three adjustments for 2012.  There is one that fell by the wayside in 2011 that I would like to get back to, but I'm not going to pressure myself over it.  That one was reducing the amount of *stuff* in my basement.  I was going to go through a box a week but I only did about 7 or so boxes.  I really would love to take a month off and take everything out of my basement, throw 3/4's of it away, build some shelves and storage and put the rest back in an orderly manner.  That would be a pleasure!  I'll work on saving up the time and resources for that, but in the meantime it wouldn't hurt to just get rid of stuff.

Besides these immediate adjustments, I have been spending some time thinking about what is important to me in the long term.  I would like to retire in 2 years and 5 months (yeah, you bet I'm counting) and in order to do that I need to be confident about my goals and directions.  I will not be able to stop working completely, but I would very much like to get off the 40 hour/week schedule.  That is a major goal.  

So, my priorities for the rest of my life are this:
  • Make sure Zoe is safe and set up in some comfortable situation (as much as a parent can with an adult child)
  • Spend time regularly with my Pop
  • Work enough to make ends meet and have benefits
  • Have time to ponder and to pursue interests
These are not unreachable, unrealistic goals, right?  I sorely need the time to ponder.  I need quiet and undisturbed time on a regular basis.  I would like to get my thoughts in order and write more and communicate better and for this I need to be able to sit and think... I'd also like more time to walk the dog and pet the cats.  

Those are my resolutions, adjustments, goals and plans.  What are yours?


Anonymous said...

I love how well though out your resolutions are. I want to appreciate every day and be grateful for all the small moments. It's something I work on all the time but there are days when the stress of life makes me forget how lucky I am. So, my resolution is to make it more of a priority to live in each moment.


Em said...

I was just thinking about this today. I think these sound realistic and achievable ... many of them are about getting back to what you did before a crisis entered your life. (All bets are off when that happens and frankly, I think we get a pass on whatever we do to get through it.)

I've thought about you a lot and wondered how you're doing. Please know I'm sending good thoughts your way.

I'm still working on my resolutions. I'll probably have them figured out tomorrow. (It's basically what I'm focusing on right now.) Then I'll let you know. :)

8thdayplanner said...

Well, e, I would like to add one simple and achievable resolution to your list - write more posts/emails for your internet friends who worry and care about you.

And you can count on me to encourage you with your other adjustments.

KMae said...

I can use more meditating too.
The best thing, is you are thinking of retiring!
A DEFINATE goal to do asap...
I learned that the hard way when I pushed it too far & got crippled to where I couldn't go on... & make it to 65. You'd be surprised how much you don't need after retirement when you can sleep all day & DON"T have to g to work!
And good luck with the booze.
I just finally quit...
It's been 31 years now.
Pretty amazing if you ask me!

the only daughter said...

adjustments. I like that. Every day is a new opportunity to improve upon the day before. Short term I'd adjusting to the new pet care routines (& costs) which impact other areas of life as well. I feel like a lot fell off last year that I'd like to re-boot this year.

Here's to mutual support.

e said...

Greg: Yes. Every day. Gratitude. Always need to remember that...
Em: Getting back to my center is a definite goal. Looking forward to seeing yours!
8: I will post and email and generally be in touch with people more. Thanks for reminding me of that one.
KMae: Sooo looking forward to retiring! And, good for you with 31 years of no drinking!
t.o.d.: good luck with the pet routines... yes, mutual support.