18 July 2012

Work Surprise

My office-mate is out on maternity leave.  This has been blessing; she is a real chatterbox and kind of drives me nuts.  The woman who is taking her place is only here a couple of hours a week, so that's nice.

BUT!  Today the replacement Came Out to me!  I had no idea!  Total gaydar failure!

She asked me about my bike ride home and we were talking about neighborhoods and what-not.  She said that when she and her ex split up she moved to the west-side.  Then, this:  "My ex is a she."

I said, "You play for my team?  Fantastic!"  Now she wants me to hook her up and I am going to start looking...    :-)


the only daughter said...

LOL Woot. :-)

elf said...

Awesome sauce (as Deborah might say when she's not saying 'woot').

Have you told T?

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Good times ahead.

e said...

Woots and awesomes all around!

elf: hahahahaha! no! but i will... and then watch her insecurities flare up.

And, really, I probably won't try to fix her up with someone... that so rarely ends well.

8thday said...

At one point at my last job we had a staff of 6, 5 of whom were gay. What are the chances??

Now I am all alone in queerdom. But in a very friendly, supportive space. Still, it would be nice to have some queer company. I think I'm alittle jealous.

Em said...

This fills me with longing.

Not sure for what, exactly.

But longing.

Maria said...

I always watch people's faces when I share a sentence like, "My partner and I went to a good movie last night. She usually doesn't like my kind of films, but didn't fall asleep!"

Those faces tell it ALL.

Jen said...

I love the deliberate outing! My first rule of engagement at a new job, conference, workshop is find the other lesbian and fly my flag!

kristi said...

Found you through Maria's blog. Nice to meet you!

e said...

Welcome, Kristi! I don't have much to say, but I'm glad you stopped by.