08 August 2012

Not much, you?

Because I have a few minutes, I thought I'd bore you with some of the trivial thoughts that drift through my largely vacant head.

  • Weight watchers: I have lost something like 12 pounds.  It's taken over 5 months, but at least it continues to go in the right direction.  The good thing is this: I'm not hungry ALL THE TIME, as I was at first.  Plus, with their program, one can eat all the fruit one wants and hey, during summer what else does one want but fresh, local fruit.  I like that.

  • Related to losing weight, my workout buddy and I can't understand WHY, since we work out HARD three times a week and ride our bikes to work virtually everyday, why aren't we thin???  It's just not right.  Not fair.  It's frustrating.

  • I have cut waaaay back on the alcohol intake.  (Yes, I realize that I am still on practically the same subject.)  So, a couple of weeks ago I had a super shitty day and drank more than I should have.  OK, actually it was my mom's birthday and I was really sad and really missing her and I didn't set out to drink too much, it just went that way.  And, truthfully, I wasn't plastered, I wasn't rip roaring drunk... just a little over the line.  But, the abyss opened before me at some point and I just managed to avoid plunging headlong into the void.  Since then, I just have not been interested in having a drink. Well, ok, we had a couple of beers at the softball tournament.  And, I had a pint of cider when we went out to dinner last week.  But, other than that, it's been a tall glass of ice water with a splash of tart cherry juice in the evening.  And it feels right.

  • Speaking of the softball tournament, that was last weekend ~ which happened to be the hottest weekend in three years.  It was 105 degrees!  Here!  In the damp and chilly PNW.  I pitied the players.  We were only there to watch and cheer them on.  We didn't do too much cheering on; Miss ADD (yes, that would be T, my irksome partner) got bored and antsy and we left after one damned game.  Our friends were disappointed, as I was, but what can you do?

  • And, last but not least, JAM!  I have been making jam like a maniac!  All of the fresh fruit that is available at the Farmer's Market, and all of the berries from our garden are being jarred up.  Last year I froze pounds and pounds of berries and made many jars of sour cherry jam.  This year I have just made jam.  Raspberry, blueberry, tayberry, strawberry, apricot, peach, and loads of sour cherry.  There might be another variety, I can't think of it right now though.  T and I have made eight jars of dill pickles and I just bought four and a half pounds more of pickling cukes for another batch.  This makes me happy.

So that's it for today, my friends.  Not much to say, but I'm sharing it anyway.  


the only daughter said...

Yay for happy things and being in a happy place. :-)

Maria said...

Next time...STAY for the game and catch a ride home with friends. I understand her wanting to leave if she's bored...but you aren't joined at the hip!

e said...

You are right, Maria. I should have done that ~ I didn't even think of it!

Anonymous said...

12 pounds is great!! It is really frustrating that you aren't as thin as you'd expect to be after all this hard work, but I bet your body feels so strong. You pushed me to get back to the gym...tonight.

Also, I don't know what your workout routine looks like but you may need to find something that works better for your desired outcome. Changing things up helps a lot.

elf said...

Are you eating enough calories for the the exercise you're doing? If not, you may need to eat more.

And what greg said, your body gets used to the exercise you do. It compensates. So you have to switch things up after about six weeks.

Have you tried doing sprints when you bike? Might be difficult if you're riding around a lot of traffic, but it helps to speed up to get the heart pumping then slow down, then speed up etc.

Now, go do all that while I have a beer.

e said...

I go to a 'cross fit' class three times a week. It's a different workout every time, which is great. As for sprinting on the bike, sometimes there is no choice but to sprint! And, don't forget that there are hills...

I think it's just a different challenge to lose weight and stay fit post menopause. I feel good, though, and that's the important thing.

Em said...

Menopause makes losing weight more of a challenge.

Glad you had some happy in here!

elf said...

Well then, I got nuthin'. But glad you're feeling good.

I started riding my bike to work, again. But, I just ordered the 60 day 'Insanity' workout. We'll see how that goes.

8thday said...

If you're feeling good, why are you concerned? Feeling fit and strong is much more important than number of pounds. I think you're gorgeous.

And now I'm off to buy tart cherry juice for my water. Sounds wonderful!