06 December 2012

6 December 2012

Washington State Pride!

Congratulations to all of the same sex couples who lined up at their County buildings in order to receive their official, state sanctioned marriage licenses!

I looked at the news last night and this morning, at the faces full of emotion, and thought, how can anyone say that this is bad or wrong or evil?  The comments on the local news websites were mostly positive but always the sour note creeping in from some troll or another.

My gal is from Vancouver and if we lived over the river we might have celebrated the date differently.  As it is, we cheered from Portland and looked for familiar faces on the news.

T did not bring up the possibility of our getting married.  Whether that's because she doesn't want to or doesn't want to find out that I don't want to, I can't tell.  Also, we live in Oregon, not Washington.  And, the whole marriage thing is gesture until we have federal recognition.  We already file joint taxes in Oregon since we are registered domestic partners.  Is it enough?  Hell no.  I don't like being denied my rights as a citizen.  Is it going to change?  Of course it is.  Remember that old saying, 'When the people lead, the leaders will follow'?  Eventually, it won't be an issue.

But, do I want to get married?


How about you?


Em said...

Yes. I do. But only if I find someone I would want to marry. So far,no luck.

I used to work end-stage AIDS. I have one patient I will never forget. (Well, many, but this one was different.) At some point I will tell the story.

For now, suffice to say, he changed my mind about marriage.

Jan said...

Funny that after 23 years of living together in NY, we are now officially living in sin : )

We are currently reaping some college financial aid benefits not having to include my income, so no, we wouldn't marry now. But perhaps in a few years because it would give some additional security for retirement benefits, inheritance, etc.

Romantic huh?

bookish butch said...

I believe in marriage, always have, come from a long line of marrieds:-) As a Canadian, this is a right I have, there is no distinction, no hyphenated marriage, I appreciate that and don't take it for granted. Someday...

weese said...

its all about the 'right' to get married... we should also have the right not to!
thats the beauty of it really...options.
[and Jan - we did the same thing! we got married after the FASFA forms were said and one]

Maria said...

Funny....I never used to want to be married, but now...at the ripe old age of 54, I think that I am finally ready.

Funnier. My partner used to bring up the idea of traveling out of state to get married frequently. Now she never mentions it and when I did, she said that she'd changed her mind, didn't feel so strongly about it anymore...but if it was THAT important to me, she'd be fine with it.

Instead of saying, "HELL, YEAH IT'S IMPORTANT TO ME!" my pride got in the way and I just smiled and shrugged, told her it wasn't a big deal.

the only daughter said...

I can be philosophical (or hypothetical) since there is no partner, no prospect...in theory, yes, I'd like to be married. In reality, well, that would depend on a few factors, the primary one being: rights equalized nationally.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Washington State!

I'm not ready to get married right now. After the nightmare of trying to get out of one marriage, the idea of getting into another one just doesn't appeal to me. My relationship is truly wonderful and I know she's the one I want to spend my life with, so I'm sure I'll be ready in a few years. We'll see.