20 March 2014


It’s Spring here in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s chilly and damp with rain and even a little hail today, but it’s Spring.

In the last couple of weeks I have seen: snowdrops, crocus, camellias, violets.  Forsythia, star magnolia, azaleas, hellebores.  This week the cherry trees and ornamental plums have burst into bloom.  And, yes, daffodils.  Pussy willows are fuzzy and the catkins are hanging on the alders.  New green foliage is unfolding. 

Last Friday I stepped outside in the early morning and the air was rich with the scent of the sea.  A sure sign that warmer (and wetter, for us) days are nigh. 

I haven’t posted about it because I didn’t want to rub it in.  I know that you all have been suffering through this interminable winter.  But, I saw Washington, DC on the tv last night and there were cherry trees in bloom.  And I thought, yes.  Spring is coming.  Even to the mid-Atlantic.  Can New York, Massachusetts, Chicago and the prairie be far behind?

Hold on!  If it’s not there yet, it’s coming!


the only daughter said...

It sounds pretty there. Will be some time before there is pretty (in the form of flowers and the like) here, I fear.

Enjoy your pretty. :-)

8thday said...

It is green here too. Oh wait, that is just me - green with jealously as I look out at my snow covered yard.

Still, I am reading your beautiful description and picturing myself tiptoeing through the tulips . . .

. . .with hard solid abs : )

Jean said...

Sigh...I had to scrape snow from my car yesterday morning...again...

I keep clinging to the thought that: s) despite attempts by the Koch brothers, the earth is indeed turning the northern hemisphere back towards the sun and b) I will - without a doubt - find myself bitching about the heat and the humidity in 90 days or so.

Em said...

As I am headed there as soon as I can, I am perfectly happy to hear reports of what NEXT winter will hold for me. ;) And next spring.

I keep waiting for that invincible summer in the midst of winter thing. Oh Albert Camus. You promised. ;)