12 February 2014


Here’s a little catch up post:

  • ·         The Seahawks won the Super Bowl!  But, you knew that already…  still, we’re happy!  My hair color is slowly washing out.  Still quite colorful, though!

  • ·         Remember the old dog we were fostering?  Angus?  He got adopted!  Amazingly, there were three different families that were interested in him and we had to let him go.  He is now living downtown in one of the swankiest neighborhoods in Portland.  He has a middle-aged dog buddy and two happy humans to keep him company.  We haven’t taken on another foster yet, but we will.

  • ·         I have filled the open support staff position (again) in my office and I am sending up a prayer that it is for the last time.   We’ll see.  Once she gets up to speed, I will be transferring some of my workload to her and scaling back on my hours.  I am so excited at the prospect of working less!

  • ·         A friend from childhood is coming to Portland on a college scouting trip with her son.  She asked if they could stay.  When we were talking about it, I thought the plan was for them to come on Friday and leave on Saturday.  So, I said yes.  Then she sent me her itinerary.  They are coming Thursday and leaving Monday.  Who does that?!  We haven’t seen each other for many, many years; I’ve never met her son; we have other plans…  yikes!  T is fuming, of course.  I mean, it’s a holiday weekend!  We had planned to sleep in!  We’ll see how this plays out.  There’s little chance that they will get a second invitation. (Am I being too grouchy? Not sure.)

  • ·         I’ve been enjoying the Olympics – despite Bob Costas’ eye issues.  But, just like every other time, I take issue with the broadcasting decisions.  Why do we only get to see the pretty people, or the sure winners, or just the Americans?  And, for crying out loud, why is NBC running infomercials on Saturday instead of showing non-stop games?!  Gah!!!  If only I were in charge of the broadcast!  We would see it ALL!

  • ·         The snow.  Ok, I hesitate to add this to the list since all of you live in places that get real winter weather and have been bludgeoned by it this winter.  BUT.  We had a snow storm in Portland that shut the city down.  It was crazy.  Kind of fun since it happens so seldom, but also kind of pathetic and aggravating.  The snow was followed by an ice storm just to add to the transportation woes, but we are all back at work now and the snow has melted.  At least throughout the metro area.  Hopefully we got lots in the mountains and it will last.  We don’t want to follow California into a drought.   I did get my cross country skis out and went around the block.  That was fun.  Then I went inside and watched the Olympians cross country skiing.  Nice juxtaposition, I though.  :-)

I think that’s it for now.  I’m trying to keep track of stuff and actually post the occasional update. 

Cheers, m’dears!


the only daughter said...

zipadeedoodah!! Seahawks won and so decisively too!! Woot!

Those of us who get snow (especially this winter) on a somewhat regular basis find it hard to fathom of a city shutting down for the tiniest bit. We shut down too--(a couple of days over the past 50 or so) but more for the sub zero temps and wind chill factors than the snow.

Yay updates!

the only daughter said...
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8thday said...

Do you think that your Seahawks will pay for Weight Watchers for me? I ate entirely too much enjoying that game!

I thought YOU had adopted Angus. Oh well, I love that you have a revolving doggie door.

Bummer on the house guests. But perhaps they will be so busy scouting that they only plan to sleep and shower in your home? I would be honest with them and not change your own plans.

Love the Olympics and agree with you on the broadcasts. We are getting some of the "other" sports during the day on a different NBC station, so I get to watch some at lunch time.

I have always thought that for each Olympic sport they should put an average Joe out there just so we really understand just how awesome these athletes truly are.

The snow!! We are at the beginning of a predicted 20 inch snowfall - on top of the 12 inches already on the ground. I love it but there again I only have a 1/2 mile commute. Ice is definitely the worst - especially when it knocks out power. My sympathies are with the people in the south who just don't have the equipment to deal with it.

Lastly, I am so happy to seeing you posting a little more regularly - especially since your emails are few and far between : )

Em said...

Congrats on the Seahawk win. Or should I say Kaw, Kaw?

And congrats on Angus getting adopted and living the swank life in Portland. Well done. If you come up with a Portuguese Water Dog, hang on to her for me. ;)

I promise I will not stay with you. Hehe. I would just tell her that you sleep in and give her a bus schedule. I mean, it looks pretty easy to get around there.

I heard about your snow. Wow. But amen on no drought.

Happy to see you. :) Enjoy the Olympics.

e said...

First of all, I don't know what the heck happened with those bullets! Crazy!

Second, the houseguests. OMG. Macrobiotic diet. Bowls of grains soaking all over the kitchen. Massive amounts of vegetal and root matter. They are distinctly odd. And, unfortunately, my old chum is very dour and negative. It's not shaping up to be a super fun weekend.

But, we are going to carry on with the things we had planned. Dinner tonight. A friend over to play cards tomorrow (they are welcome to join in the fun). Sleeping in on Sunday and Monday. Glad they are leaving early on Monday! Sheesh!

Maria said...

I have to laugh about your snow and city shut down. Here on the prairie, we get lots of snow on a weekly basis, sometimes. I do have a friend in Texas, though, who is a transplant there from Iowa and he called to say that the city he lived in got an inch of snow and it shut down completely. We laughed a bit. The kids still go outside for recess here unless it's a blizzard with a foot of snow on the way.....