24 November 2014


I have to go with a seasonal theme today.  Thanksgiving.

I love Thanksgiving.  The ‘giving’ consists of food, family and friendship.  It isn’t a shopping extravaganza kind of holiday.  Except for the food shopping, I guess.

This year, I am going to the in-laws on Thursday.  I’ve gotten out of it for a few times, and I would be happy getting out of it forever.  That sounds rude, I know, and I don’t truly mean to be rude, but honestly, my mother in law is not a good cook.  She’s a family cook.  True, she has cooked in diners for years, but more along the lines of a short order kind of cook.  She makes the same dishes she always makes.  It’s their family’s traditional comfort food.  It’s also pretty bad.  Or, maybe I should say, it isn’t what I grew up eating.

Instead of feeling disappointed in the meal and the holiday, I am adjusting my expectations.  I’m not going for the food.  I’m not even going for the company.  I’m going because it will make my partner happy.  For a bonus, it will make her mom happy too, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  It will be loud, too hot, televisions on in two different rooms, a small yappy dog underfoot all day long, mediocre food, and the mother in law (who is nearly deaf) bossing everyone and wielding a wooden spoon.  As long as I know this and plan ahead for it, I’ll be fine.  I’m going to lay claim to a remote control, put on some football, sit on a couch and watch a game and smile through the whole thing.  I can be nice!

On Friday, I will cook a small Thanksgiving dinner for myself, my partner, my dad and my crazy brother (who may or may not come).  I have purchased the turkey breast.  I have planned out my menu.  I have done most of the shopping and will be ready.  This will be a delicious meal.  And I will be giving thanks twice.

What are you all doing?


8thday said...

I think you are wise to adjust your Thanksgiving day expectations. Partner pleasing one day and then good food and family the next. A full Thanksgiving weekend. A Seattle win and it will be near perfect : )

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Very relaxed. I start the day going to get bagels (tradition was my daughters went with me. Now they like to sleep, so I take the dog) We watch the parade from ribbon cutting to Santa in our jammies. Then while the family is watching the dog show, I make some vegetables to bring to Martha’s niece’s house. They have a house on top of a mountain in the middle of no where, sort of like going to the Waltons. This year dinner is late so I might sneek in a nap before we go. It is a loud, boisterous, redneck but loving group who argue about everything (in a friendly, family way) And dogs. Big dogs. But now there are babies so I usually go sit somewhere quiet with a baby and watch some football after dinner. They always reserve my seat for the Cowboys while they (Jets and Bills fans) bitch about how Dallas always gets the Thanksgiving game. We will then come home and complain about how much we ate and my crazy partner and daughters will set alarms to go shopping on Black Friday at 2 am or whatever they do. I will sleep and digest. And be very, very grateful for the abundance in my life.

Secret Agent Woman said...

My sons were away, so I had dinner with a god friend and her family. Good cooks all and there was not an item in that amazing spread that wasn't delicious. Tomorrow, I'l have family in town but we won't re-create the turkey meal.

Happy Thanksgiving!

e said...

8, yes, expectation adjustment is key!

Secret Agent Woman, thank you for commenting! I clicked over to your blog and read your Thanksgiving post...
now following you in my reader.