02 December 2014


Tuesday counts, right?  Lol.

Survived Thanksgiving.  Both.  The inlaws didn’t start getting squirrely until after dessert, so I call that a win.  Some bickering, some yelling, some heated tempers, but not an all out scene or tantrum.  We left shortly after the flare up, so it wasn’t too bad. 

Then, I cooked all day for Thanksgiving at my house.  Everything turned out well.  My dad and brother came over.  They didn’t leave the moment the plates were cleared.  They didn’t stay for pie, but we were all too full, really, so I sent some home with them.   Along with containers of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, yams, spinach.

My daughter and her husband did not come so it was just the four of us.  I will call it cosy rather than small and sad.  The holidays do bring sadness, missing people who we wish were there with us.  I guess it’s best to acknowledge the absence, reflect, and have pie.  I don’t know.  What works for you?


8thday said...

Lots of yelling and bickering where I was too but mostly over fun stuff like football and should stuffing have cranberries or not.

I think the main thing that gets me over the missing of my parents on holidays is that now there are babies in Martha's family. And holding a baby or blowing raspberries with a 2 year old seems to get me over the hump. Still, in those quiet moments . . .

I'm glad your holiday was tolerable with the bonus of family and great food. Plus your team was awesome, so there's that.

e said...

Wow. Look at that font. Yikes! Sorry about that...

8, our stuffing arguments involve oysters and water chestnuts instead of cranberries. Lol.

And, Debra, if you are reading here, I have tried and tried of late to comment on your blog. Frustrating!

earthandink said...

It's been impossible to comment anywhere. Just impossible. I haven't been able to comment on 8th's or D's. Grrr.

I am glad you had a decent Thanksgiving. I spent it by myself, although I did make a pumpkin cheesecake for a newly returned vet. :) So that felt good. Otherwises: too. much. food.

earthandink said...

Holy moly, I got a comment through. Yee-freaking-ha.

the only daughter said...

Sorry about the commenting ish. The blogger forum hasn't been particularly helpful, either. :-(

And Tuesday is just fine. :-)

Glad you (all) had mostly a good time.

It is hard. Harder this year, than last (even). So, what is working is trying to fill waking hours with all manner of stuff and trying not to overeat.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy December 2nd.