09 December 2014

0.8 FTE

Three more Mondays.

Three more Mondays.

Three more Mondays.

That is all.



earthandink said...


And then, we shall have tea. Or, wait, was it tea or tequila?

8thday said...

I had to look up what 0.8 FTE meant. Really, you need to explain these things for your intellectually impaired readers : )

Good for you. I know you have been talking about this for a long time. Now all those Mondays to write, read, relax, or whatever you feel like doing. It's a wonderful thing. And soon 0.6 is going to look very tempting . . .

the only daughter said...

congratulations. i'm voting for tequila

looking forward to hearing all about your part time projects!

no pressure though. ;-)

Secret Agent Woman said...

I know what an FTE is, but I take it you are cutting back to working only Tuesday-through Friday? I did a similar thing this summer, and now work Monday through Thursday. I love having a long weekend every weekend!

e said...

Tea, tequila, time... it's all good!!!