23 March 2015

Another Monday

What?!  A blogpost?!  Bet you thought I quit blogging...  nope.  Just...  haven't.

Today is Monday and I am pleased to say that I am at home.  I am not taking this for granted because the new boss at my work decided to take away the option of working four days a week, mostly just because he can.  I had to fight to get it back.  I wish the fight had been physical, but it was a battle of wills and words.  I won some and lost more.  Because, you know, Straight-MiddleAged-White-Man has to win for the world to keep spinning.  But, whatever!  It's Monday and I am at home.

I haven't wanted to mention the weather since it has been so incredibly bad for most of you.  But, you know what?  It's gorgeous here.  Ok, yes, it is a very, very rainy and windy day, but there are flowers.  And, crazy as it sounds, we need the rain.  And snow in the mountains.  So, yay, rain!  (Plus, it's not snow or ice at my house.)

My daughter got a puppy!  A golden retriever puppy, 10 weeks old.  So cute!  Does she really want a baby?  I think so, but she also wanted a puppy, so I am happy for her.  I'm going up there to see her in a couple of weeks so I'll get to meet the new family member.

Actually, my two best friends are also going to Zoe's house.  We are meeting up for our yearly visit and I am really looking forward to it.  It's been too long since I've seen those gals.  They are flying up and renting a car.  They'll pick me up at the train station.  From there we'll head to the Kid's house.  We have no plans whatsoever.  Best kind of trip, I think.  The whole point is just to hang out together.  Oh, we'll probably do a couple of things, but mostly we just want to hang out.  Here is a picture of our last get together, in our team shirts!

What good sports they are!  We went out to lunch in those matching shirts and stopped for booze on the way back to the house.  It makes me laugh to see that picture!  I got us team shirts again, but instead of being all matching they are all similar.  Shades of lavender, with floral prints.  I got one for Zoe, too.  :-)

Well, friends, that's Monday.  I hope you have a lovely day with at least a little bit of sunshine...



Middle Girl said...

I love that picture. The prospect of a road trip, yay.

Wait, there is somplace enjoying decent, it not gorgeous, weather?


Thanks for the visual.

8thday said...

What a pleasant surprise to see a post from plufrom pdx!

Your boss reminds me of a dog who has to piss on everyone to mark his territory. I am so sorry you are having to deal with so much crap.

Love the Picture! I especially love the expression on the women's face on the right - like she is trying so hard to ignore these yokels and their shirts.

And I am happy you are getting good weather since it usually moves from west to east. Except when that nasty Canadian air decides to descend . . . and stay. : (

B said...

good to see you bloggin again.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I love the photo of the three of you. We've just recently been getting some good weather, too, and I'm grateful.

earthandink said...

First of all, wonderful picture. So great! I would happily wear a silly shirt to get together with you!

And I, too, am glad you're having decent weather. Two days ago, I saw the first crocus heads poking through the ground. Makes me hopeful for spring and summer, when the weather is so much kinder.

And puppies! I love puppies. I want one. (No interest in a baby, however. I really just want a dog.)