18 October 2016

Update from PDX

What do I have to say that is of interest?  Little, as usual.  But, a survey of events since last I posted reveals that I am overdue on communication.

So, how was the trip to Cali?  Good.

Lisa, my bestie from the first day of high school, the one who needs a kidney, the one we went to celebrate the birthdays with in April, is doing much, much better.  I was so relieved when I saw her!  She didn’t have her old energy – but, who among us does?  But, she was so much healthier than when we last saw her… quite the relief!  The dialysis is definitely working!

She still teaches at the really rough high school, and it is just so draining.  I worry about her all the time.   The kids are so bad.  The administration is so bad (but maybe a tiny bit better than last year).  Hell, southern California is bad.  It’s unhealthy, I believe.  It’s so dirty.  And so crowded.  So hot.  And so stressful. But, maybe that’s just me.  Anyway, I wish Lisa didn’t have to keep exhausting herself on a daily basis.

But, that’s my worry.  Let’s move on to other things.

This coming weekend I will be assisting in a Women’s Self Defense class at my martial art school.  A little background:  Besides being a black belt, I completed the training to instruct women’s and children’s self defense classes.  I worked at that in my limited spare time for a while.  But, then my mom got sick, and then she transitioned to another plane, and my energetic focus has been directed elsewhere since then.  One of my teammates is taking over the self defense program and asked me if I was interested in assisting once a month or so.  I pondered this a fair bit.  And, I decided that, yes, I was interested in going back to teach self defense.  The time is right…  sadly, the time is always right for teaching self defense.

Did I tell you about my niece moving to Portland?  Well, she did, and she is absolutely delightful.  She is smart, funny, quirky, studious, sweet, sincere.  She is a great kid!  She’s living at my dad’s house, which is great for both of them.  They are keeping an eye on each other.  Lol.  I’m trying to find the balance between helping out when and where I am needed and not interfering!  Hahahahhaha….  Actually, I’ve been pretty good at not overwhelming her.  Which makes me wonder if I should be in touch more…

One of the cats needed a trip to the vet and a ridiculous vet bill. Of course, it was the best kitty.  Couldn’t be the jerk who pees in the house, no, it had to be the most loving and affectionate of the cats.  The one for whom we are willing to spend beyond our budget.  Sigh.

We had a massive storm last weekend, but it wasn’t nearly as traumatic as the prognosticators thought it would be.  Glad of that!  Still, I did have water in my basement and there are branches down everywhere.  If it’s headed your way, it’s a wet one.

Well, I guess that’s all for now.  I hope things are humming along on a good track for the rest of you!


8thday said...

I am so happy to read about Lisa's improved health. I can't imagine how that must weigh on you, especially long distance. Great, great news!

I had forgotten about your black belt (and I'm making a mental note never to mess with you). I think it's great that you are going back to teaching self-defense. And yes, sad that it is so desperately needed.

I hope that kitty has recuperated.

Peachie made it back home safely from your stormy weather, for which I am grateful. Meanwhile we are having a beautiful Indian summer - 83 degrees and sunny today. Come join us!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

A black belt! Impressive!

Middle Girl said...

So pleased that Lisa is doing better.

Yay for niece moving to town. Sounds line a win alll-around.

Boo Hill sick kitty.

Too bad there is a need, but YaY for being willing and able to pitch in with the self defense class.

Love the update!

e said...

Thanks, women, and never fear - you can mess with me all you want and I'll never open a can of whoop ass on you. BUT, should we be together and anyone tries to mess with us... I will go all ninja on them. Trust that!

8thday said...

Do you have an "open a can of whoop ass" 101 class? I need that.

Secret Agent Woman said...

A black belt! That's an impressive fact I didn't know about you.

I'm glad your friend is doing so much better.