26 September 2016

Update from the PNW

So, the camping trip.  It went well.  It rained for a day and a half, which was actually quite pleasant.  The vintage trailer has an awning and the neighbors brought their free-standing awning, so we had some covered outdoor space.

In a rainy climate, there is little as important as covered outdoor space.

Well, ok, yeah, food and stuff.  But, everyone needs a place to go outside and breath and not get rained on.  We need that here.  It's important.  And, it's important to all of us, not just the smokers, although it's essential for them.

So.  Dry.  Mostly.

The campground was lovely.  Towering firs so darkly green, big leaf maple begin to change color, the fall wildflowers holding their heads up in the rain.  And, of course, the ferns and mosses.  Aahhhh...  forest bathing was wonderful.  I just typed 'forest breathing' instead... should have left it.  It's the breath, always.

Yes, we had a good time.  Occasionally I felt like T and I could descend into snippiness, but we rose above it.

We sat around the fire, we hiked some of the trails, we took our dogs to the fenced off leash area (which was quite a hike by itself!), we took a nap or two.  All good.  On one of the nights, the clouds had cleared out and we walked up to the big empty meadow to take in the stars.  Oh, so fine to see them!  Living in the city takes away so much starshine, and if you add the cloudy skies to it, well, we rarely get that amount of beautiful stargazing in one evening.  It was Stellar!  Lol!

It was good for us to get out of town for a few days.  It was quiet and relaxing.

We've had a few flare ups in the week since, but overall... holding somewhat steady.  T has another challenge coming up this weekend, though.  I'm going down to California to visit my very ill best friend.  She got tickets for us to see Dolly Parton at the Hollywood Bowl!  I've had to remind T a couple of times lately that I am allowed to have friends and to visit/hang out with them.

Other than that, friends, it's been pretty much ok around here.  What's happening in your world?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad to hear that the forest bathing camping trip was relaxing and restorative.

8thday said...

There is nothing else in the world like being humbled by a full complement of stars or breathing in wet forest smells. Of course, it's not so much fun packing up a wet tent.

Oh, never mind, I forgot you were parking in the forest. (just a friendly bit of teasing)

I am so happy to read that the time was relaxing and soul soothing. And glad that you folks are ironing out the wrinkles as you redefine your relationship.

It's all good my friend, all good!

the dreamings said...

this sounds lovely & I'm impressed that the camp ground had a fenced dog park. How cool.

I admit to being a major pluviophile, I will never get over it, ever & whenever you talk about rain I get all dreamy sigh-ish. (it's 90 here and partly overcast, but it seems the blue sky may be winning over the clouds.)

just lovely. and glad to hear it things went well with you & T. letting things be very relaxing.


Tree C said...

forest bathing and breathing - yes, wonderful!

I got some in, myself, over the weekend. Mt. Shasta.

so often, when I hike, I just find myself saying - both out loud and in my mind's voice - "thank you. thank you. thank you."

whatever catches my eye - a tree, a bird, a rock, a wildflower - "thank you. thank you. thank you."

i decided on this particular hike that i am like a jumpy house. a lot of fun - especially for kids but really for humans of all ages. WHEN INFLATED.

when deflated, I'm a big mess, unsightly, a pain in the ass, not fun at all.

what inflates me?


especially nature and solitude.

so long as i have those things, i'm good company.

without them, i'm a mess.

can i skip a shower? yes. i'm someone who actually doesn't funk up easily!

but skip forest bathing? no. you don't want to be around me if i haven't bathed recently!


enjoy dolly! glad you are taking care of yourself! you are modeling that for T!