14 June 2017


Well, it's how we get through this world isn't it?  If you can't box shit up to deal with later, you'll never make it out of the house.  The trick is to open the boxes and deal with the contents, instead of shoving them into the basement for forever.  I know you feel me on this; don't pretend you don't!

Good thing I'll have some time to ponder, coming up here.  It'll be time well spent.

But, for the here and now, I'm busy.  Mostly busy at work, finishing up and getting stuff ready to be handed off.  Training the new person.  Emptying my office.  You know.  All that. I've been there for 23 years... I brought home a lot of stuff!  Oh, I have to tell you this: I was walking down the hall to a meeting yesterday and looked down.  I realized that I was wearing my gardening shoes instead of my office shoes!  And, naturally, I had just taken home my spare office shoes that lived in a desk drawer, just the weekend before.  Figures.  Made me laugh, actually.

My niece is going home to Virginia on the 30th.  The whole 'living with Grampy and going to college' thing didn't work out.  Directly as a result of my brother's animosity.  I'm not sure how to deal with him, going forward.  He is poisoning our dad against us.  I'm hanging in there because I don't want my dad to forget that his other two children love him.

Back to the niece, unfortunately her family is coming during the last week of June.  It's the last week of my employment and I know I will be busy.  And, there are a couple of happy hours scheduled that week for after work as well, so I can be sure that I'll be getting home late.  I know that they can entertain themselves, but I wanted to be able to see the rest of the family while they were here.  Plus, there might very well be drama and I want to be available to put out the fire.  That's what the middle-child-only-girl tends to do.  This one, anyway.

Meanwhile, it's still pretty cool and damp and cloudy here.  This weekend is our Pride celebration and, fingers crossed, it's supposed to be sunny.  I sure hope so!  If not, we've got rain gear.  :-)

Ok.  That's it for now.  I've got to go be efficient.


8thday said...

How did you get a picture of my attic?? Actually I'd be thrilled if the attic was that neat. The struggle is real : )

So sorry to hear that your niece is leaving. I know how much you enjoyed her. It's so crappy having to deal with all that male driven drama.

But hey, your Mariners are improving! I think you must have been a lucky charm when you went to a game.

Enjoy your countdown to retirement and Pride and all the celebration that entails.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy Pride! I hope the rain holds off for it. I hope the family drama doesn't materialize and that your remaining days at work are good ones!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Hope your last bit of work goes smoothly. Families can be so difficult.

My attic was basically empty except for suitcases and Christmas stuff, but now houses many boxes of my new husband's things. I hope we can eventually clear most of that out.

Middle Girl said...

That's what the middle-child-only-girl tends to do. This one, anyway.
This one too.

So sorry your niece has to bail. So sorry she was bullied into it.

Counting down, how exciting. Woot!

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