27 June 2017


Ok, people!  This is it!  My last week!

I had to go in on Monday, which is usually my work from home day.  So many things to do!  We are interviewing a late applicant for our fellowship program, and I had hoped to escape without doing any more of that.  Ha!

One of my coworkers (my favorite, in truth), texted me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go out for celebratory drinks on Wednesday.  The great part of this is that she is planning to drive to work that day and will give me a ride home.  That's a gift!  And, if I have anything else to schlep home, that would be the day.

It still seems unreal.  I've been employed here for over 23 years.  That's rare in this day.  The generation after me doesn't stay in a position for more than 5 years, I'd say.  I'm an anachronism, for sure!

Still stressed about health insurance, still sending up a prayer to the Goddess that Obama-care will hang on a while longer.  My senators are fighting like cornered badgers to keep it.  Stay strong!  Or, for me, Stay Healthy!

Well, I'm going to go make my lunch, put on my shoes, and walk to the bus.  Four more days.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, getting so close! Retirement is a real ending and yet an exciting new beginning all rolled into one! The longest I've worked anywhere is 16 years, which is my current place of employment. I'm retiring too, but at the end of December. Oh, sweet day of redemption!

Middle Girl said...

So close you can taste it? Giddy for you. Tick tock. :-)

8thday said...

I have never paid a dime toward my health insurance, even after retirement. (Public service pay is low but the benefits can be amazing) I won't pay anything until I have to sign up for MediCare - if that is still around by then. I can't even imagine the stress of those who have to rely on the insurance marketplace, especially those who have pre-existing conditions. Fingers crossed for you.

I am so excited for you! It is such a great time to of year to retire - so much outdoors to enjoy!

And I may need you to come and help me process all my peaches : )

Secret Agent Woman said...

The situation with healthcare just shrivels my soul. We need single-payer universal coverage for ALL of us.