02 June 2009

Not this tree

Perhaps I’m overreacting, but I am incensed at my neighbors for the murder of a beautiful cottonwood tree. Incensed and devastated.

This tree provided shade to several of our yards – mine will now resemble the burning Sahara on summer afternoons – and homes to birds and squirrels. Its long, graceful limbs swayed with the breezes blowing out of the Gorge; its leaves fluttering at the slightest stir.

I’ve spent many hours watching the play of light and wind on this tree. I arranged my bedroom furniture solely to view this particular tree. I’ve written poems about and to this tree. It has given me peace of mind when I was overwhelmed by life. Sitting quietly and watching it move in the wind has been a way for me to quiet my overactive mind and regain my center.

I lost a friend yesterday.

Cottonwoods across the canyon
Beckon with graceful arms
A current of air stirs
Fluttering, their leaves twist and turn
Green and white
Green and white
Silvery and green and white
Like a reflection of a tree
Within a swift moving stream

Big sigh...


Maria said...

You need to go out and plant a tree.

Anonymous said...

one that grows awful roots to the other side of the fence. =)

The Crow said...

My next door neighbor cut down all the trees in his yard, so he wouldn't have to rake leaves. He killed my (his, actually) beloved golden gingko.

All the trees in my yard take revenge on him every year, dropping blossoms in spring and tons of leaves in the fall...all over his yard, sidewalks and garage. I couldn't be happier.