12 June 2009


Gay Pride is this weekend in Portland. Yay! Well, it's already begun but the big stuff is this weekend.

I was looking for various gay-themed paraphernalia at the store yesterday ~ decided that I didn't have enough rainbows in my wardrobe. My best finds were in the cheap jewelry aisle and girls accessories. Rainbows and unicorns aplenty! Of course, Tess isn't going to wear anything like that. I did find an awesome t-shirt for her in the men's clothing section. It's an Oregon State University t-shirt that loudly proclaims, "BEAVER PRIDE". That will be perfect for the Dyke March!

Happy Pride, everyone! Go get your gay on!


Maria said...

I have yet to go to a gay pride. Bing has been to several of them in Philadelphia, Portland and San Francisco (her all time fave.) One of these days....

Grumpy Granny said...

Love it! I need one of those. Our pride festivities are not till July in Colorado Springs. Depending on the state of G's knee post surgery, we may try to get up there for it.

We both really want to do Pride in SF one of these days, as above.

Happy Saturday!

Anonymous said...

The NY pride parade is on Sunday and although I've had them for a while, I will be wearing my rainbow shoes for the first time. They are so ridiculous looking but I just had to have them. :)

e said...

I'm always surprised that more retailers don't tap into this lucrative niche market. I would have bought plenty of rainbow junk!