19 August 2009

It Never Ends

Just when I think the family onslaught is over, something (someone) totally unexpected pops up.

My brother and his gang left on Saturday. Yay! Then, out of the clear blue sky, T’s long lost half brother blows into town. Turns out his grandmother had died and he wanted to come and pay his respects. He took a bus from Florida to Washington ~ yeah, Washington State. That’s a long damn way.

So, long story medium, he’s out of work and T has a side job that she wants to finish quickly (a bonus for early completion). She has hired him to work with her for the week. That’s all fine, he’s a hard worker and it’s a nice change for her to work with someone instead of on her own. But, he is making noises like he wouldn’t mind sticking around for a month or two to “help her out”. Well, there is not enough work to go around. T has been scraping by, just barely making her bills every month. Honestly, if she wasn’t shacked up with me she’d be in trouble financially. There’s no way that she can keep herself and the old boy busy.

Thankfully, she told him from the get go that he couldn’t stay with us. Yes, we have the space, and yes, we just had my brother and family here, but we are tired. She told him that everyone gets on her nerves and she rather work with him than have him stay. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Because, o.m.g, the man is a talker.

One a side note, he has been telling her some interesting family stories about the old days. Wowser! Talk about ammunition! She’s got some good stuff on her sister now.

I think what we need is a weekend away. It’ll take some organizing, and some money, but it would be worth it. We are both tired and frazzled and need a break. A little sea air would feel good right about now. Excuse me, the beach is calling!


8thdayplanner said...

Yes, it sounds like a little private pampering time is definitely in order. Hope you are able to make it happen - soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, do you need a vacation for sure! Enjoy this weekend to yourselves, it has been hard-earned.

Grumpy Granny said...

I hear you! We have been SO busy this summer, and even our little "side trips" to Denver have been all goal-directed and not just for "us". We need "us" time. However, it's going to have to wait till after the knee surgery which is coming up in just 2 more full weeks. YIKES! Where did the summer go???

Take care of yourselves!!

eb said...

Family is like hemorrhoids, if they come down and go back, they're ok but if they come down to stay they're a pain in the ass.

Funny how long lost family returns when they need something.

Enjoy your you time!

Murray said...

Well I guess if I took a bus from Florida I wouldn't be in any hurry to make that return trip either. Good thing the ground rules were laid out early about the staying around part. Hope you get to the beach soon... at least while there is warmer weather.