26 August 2009

We are Winners!

No, not Powerball, dang it! I will however be buying a ticket this afternoon for that faint hope.

A friend of ours is on a winning softball team and her team is headed to Madison for the ASANA Softball World Series! Woo Hoo!

Of course, they have to hold a fundraiser in order to get there. So she texts all of us to ask if we’ll join her team at Hot Flash (a big lesbo dance in Portland). Well, we don’t mind going out and dancing, and for a good cause? Oh yeah.

We got there and bought raffle tickets and didn’t win. Looked all over for our friend and didn’t see her. She finally showed up (after a game and in her dusty uniform). She said that her team wasn’t involved in this raffle but were running a separate one and did we want to buy a ticket? T and I gave her $30 and said, sure put us down for however many that buys.

After that we just danced and drank and socialized and had a good time. I forgot all about the raffle. It was held yesterday and we got an excited phone call from the team captain letting us know that we had won. Wow! Not only had we won, but we won the grand prize! Holy smokes! We get two tickets to see Bonnie Raitt in a couple of weeks and a variety of other great stuff! How cool is that?!

In the meantime, Go Swingers!


Murray said...

That is very, very cool! Congrat's to you and to your friend's softball team.

eb said...

What a great surprise. Bonnie Raitt is awesome, but you already know that. Good luck to the Swingers. Tell them to 'hit 'em where they ain't.'

Maria said...

I would LOVE to see Bonnie.