13 October 2009

What the ...

I got home from work yesterday to find that the women's health clinic had rescheduled T's appointment. Pushed it back a week. I think that they had scheduled her in the resident clinic and then read the report and thought they might as well start with a faculty doctor since she would have to be seen by faculty anyway. That's fine. It'll end up saving a needless trip to the stirrup table.

I also had a piece of mail waiting for me from the mammography department. I need to go back in for additional views ~ it seems there are some suspicious calcifications that they want to look at more thoroughly. I'm going to try and get in there today.

Honestly, my stomach is a little queasy. Too much medical stuff! Do Not Want!!!!!!


8thdayplanner said...

Do not panic! I get called back for this stuff all the time. They will probably take magnified views just to get a better look. The anticipation and our imagination is almost always worse than the reality.

Sending positive, calming energy your way.

eb said...

Yes, I've gotten called back too because I have 'busy' breasts - luckily a lot of nothing was going on.

Good luck, when all is done, enjoy an adult beverage.

e said...

I'm not panicking yet. I have gotten called back before too, but not for several years.

They are "squeezing" me in at 11:40 this morning. I'm hoping for a fast response from the radiologists.

Thanks for the positive, calming energy and the beverage suggestion. Both outstanding!

liz said...

Eek! Sounds like a hectic (and nerve wracking) couple of days in your neck of the woods.

Sending positive thoughts your way.

Sigh said...

I agree dont panic. Honestly there is no amount of control we have in these situations and working ourselves up before the actual appointment helps nothing. Although that was easy to type and obviously not easy to do. How about I cross my fingers and toes for you both and shut the hell up?=)

Jen said...

Jeez...you guys need a break!

e said...

Results of my additional views: Negative! Whew!

Thanks for your postive thoughts and energy and encouraging words. I greatly appreciate it.

T reminded me that I haven't had a pap in several years... I don't really feel like tempting fate just now, but I think I'll make the appointment anyway.