05 October 2009

Friday afternoon

My phone buzzed while I was in the exam room.

T: What are you doing?

Me: I can’t talk right now, I’m having my boobs squeezed.

T: WHAT?!?!?!

Me: A mammogram, duh!

T: What? You’re having a mammogram? Why didn’t you tell me this morning?

Me: They had a cancellation so I just walked over… but, let me call you back. Really.

What can I say, it gave me a little pleasure to tease her like that. And, when you can get pleasure out of a mammogram, I say go for it!


8thdayplanner said...

: )

Good for you. I have mine on Thursday.

Murray said...

That was funny. I will have to remember it next time I am getting smashed and smushed. :-)

Jen said...

One more year before I have to do that...I admit to a rabid mammogram fear.

Anonymous said...

Ive never had one. I am wondering actually what age you should start! You've inspired me to look into this. Glad you got to have a little fun while getting the squeeze! =)