12 October 2011

Blogger Meet Up!

Today I had lunch with eb and the Queen!  Wow!  Yes, they are real people!  We had lunch at a little pub around the corner from my house called The RaT (really it's called The Rose and Thistle but we love an acronym).  The RaT is next door to a yarn shop so I think the Queen was pleased by that detail.

It was wonderful to meet these two characters.  They are on the Pacific Northwest leg of their current car trip. Originally there was talk of them staying with me, but with my life being in such a weird state of flux right now, well, it didn't turn out.  Happily, they have friends in a suburb west of here.  And, come to find out, the Queen is allergic to cats and we have three.  Might not have worked out too well anyway.  But, I would have loved to have them stay so that we could drink copious amounts of deliciousness and tell tall tales.  I'm sure it would have happened like that...

However, I got to have a long leisurely lunch with them and that was very pleasant.  Amazingly, the irascible T came along and behaved herself pretty well.  I'm including these two pictures as proof but, as you know, my phone takes the crappiest photos of all time so it could be anybody in the picture.  Especially the second one.

The Queen had on a spectacular tie dyed shirt with a crazed beaver on it.  I was sure she had purchased it here in the Beaver State (yes, Oregon is the Beaver State - look it up!  I'm not kidding!) but no!  It's from a chain of rest stop/gas station/mini-mart/restaurant type thingies in Tejas.  Still a good choice for Oregon, though.

Hahahahaha!  That's me with eb behind the flash!  I think she'll send me some pix, or post them on her blog.  They'll certainly be better than these.

So, there you have it.  Real life people behind all the bloggish glamour.  I love it when that happens.


8thdayplanner said...

I am just smiling through this whole post. That you finally met them, that you had a lovely distraction from the current emotional and stressful parts of your life, pix of you, and that T joined you - (yes, we need to talk : )

the only daughter said...

Thanks to connecting through blogging I had a similiar experience with the two from TX.

Great fun! <3

Maria said...

I'm so glad that you had such a pleasant experience. It give me a bit of hope.

I have met 5 other bloggers. 1 is still a good friend and fellow blogger, 2 were just okay...were so different from their blog personalities that I felt as though I were meeting completely different souls and the last two? Two dismal failures. One hit on me IN FRONT OF HER HUSBAND WHO SEEMED STRANGELY AROUSED and the other one was so intent on being besties that she never realized that I kept shrinking away every single time she insisted on touching me. (She was a two year blog reader and honestly, should have known that I am not a toucher...)

It left me very, very leery about meeting up with other bloggers, but yes...I have a bit of hope now.

elf said...

We are home! And yes, great meet-up. Absolutely fun and easy. I have no doubt if we stayed with y'all there would have been all kinds of copiousness of the drinking and story telling sort.

We shall return because we totally dig Oregon, as you know. So next time we should have a bit more copiousness to go around.

I like your photos better than the ones I have. You, my dear, look fabulous and have a stunning smile. I will post soon(ish).

KMae said...

I met them too, once when they were visiting NYC. My babe & I came in from Jersey & we had lunch. Loved em!