14 June 2012

Fun evening!

Tonight I am taking a canning class!

Last summer I found a great source for sour cherries and made gallons and gallons of sour cherry jam.  Zoe was in town and helped me with that and we had a fun, if steamy, time.  T and I put up 18 jars of pickles out of our garden.  In the past I have canned peaches and pears and sauces and jams of all sorts.  My mom and I used to make cherry plum jam every year and it was so good!  It's very satisfying to have all of those beautiful jars of jam all lined up in the pantry, very satisfying!

So, last summer I found a recipe for sour cherry jam on this site, Food In Jars. Marissa McClellan, the blogger and canner extraordinaire, is teaching the class.  She just published a cook book and is touring the country doing book signings and canning classes.  Oddly enough, though she lives in Pennsylvania now she is an Oregonian, specifically a Portlander!

We're going to be making strawberry lemon jam in the class.  I hope we get to take a jar home!

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8thday said...

Wow, brings back great memories of canning beach plum jelly with my mom. And we always do apple sauce with our girls. It makes for such a great connections and relationships - growing and canning your own food, mothers and daughters, and eating. It's always about the food : )

Have fun tonight!

the only daughter said...

Two words: YaY and Yum!

Em said...

This sounds soooo fun. I totally want to do this. (I love canning & it's been too long.) It's definitely on the list of things to do down the road. Yum! Let us know how it goes.

elf said...

I have never canned. I don't think I ever will can. Like my mother before me, I'm just not a canner. But I do like that other people can and that you can can.

Jen said...

I used to can a lot, fruit, veggies, meat, tuna, pickles, jam, pie filling.... I have been missing it lately! Might just have to roll up my sleeves and jump back in!

Pictures are done for half a splicing post... We are closer on that ;)