22 June 2012

Pride Roundup 2012!

Pride Roundup

Last weekend was Pride in my hometown.  Not that we’re not proud year-round…
Anyway, here’s how it went down.

Friday evening ~ hair cut.  Gotta look good for Pride, right?  T had a light trim and I had the clippers

Left side: shortish but swoopy

Right side: super short!

(I have a cowlick in front... can you tell?)

Saturday I had planned a busy but doable evening for us.  Before we could start on the gay fun, we had a backyard party for a friend to attend.  Got that done.  Then went home to don our gay apparel.

Next up was the Dyke March.  Now, let me give you a little history on that one.  Every year I say that I want to go to the Dyke March and every year T objects.  She used to say things like, “You just want to look at other women’s boobs.”  Or, “Why, are you looking for a new girlfriend?”  Yes, I know, she’s painfully insecure.  She doesn’t say that anymore, but this year it was, “It’s such a ridiculous spectacle.  I just hope the rest of the world doesn’t judge all lesbians by that.”  I mean, really.  I can’t spend the time going over these pointless arguments.  It’s …  never mind.

So, this year we were going.  A friend of mine was going to come with us.  My friend the jumper.  She needs to stay busy these days and I thought that our busy evening would be perfect for her.  We had a complicated arrangement logistically.  She met us at our house.  Then we took our car to the place where we would end the evening and parked it.  We got in her car and drove downtown to watch the March.  Only, when we got there, we discovered that we had missed it!  Argh!  Made T happy, though.

We went out for a bite of dinner.  There were two more things on our itinerary: the Hot Flash/Inferno Pride Party which was slated for 8pm to 4am.  No, we were not staying for the whole thing.  And the other entry on the itinerary was the World Naked Bike Ride.  We saw it last year and unbelievably T said, “Let’s do that next year!”  Of course she changed her mind, but still wanted to see it.

So, at this point, sitting in the café having dinner, I said “look, if this is too much for one evening, let’s skip the bike ride and just go to the Party.”  Yes, they agreed with that.  Fine.

So, we drive back across the river and arrive at the warehouse for the big Pride Party.  Holy smokes!  The place is teeming!  Teeming and Steaming!  We danced some, we had a drink or two.  We saw lots of friends, lots of gals who we typically only see on Pride weekend.  My fragile friend left after a couple of hours.  We stayed on a bit longer but eventually the heat and noise drove us out.  When we were leaving, maybe 11:00ish, there was a line down the block to get in.  I love that.

On the way home, we got up to 7th and Burnside and found traffic at a standstill.  We drove up a few more blocks and parked the car and got out.  What do you know, we got to watch the Naked Bike Ride after all!  In fact, we couldn’t get across Burnside to go home for probably 45 minutes.  There are thousands, literally thousands of people participating in the ride.  Wow.

On Sunday, my fragile friend was picking us up to go to the Parade.  We got downtown in a timely manner and found a reasonably good spot along the route.  T and I nipped in to Hobo’s for a couple of quick mimosas.  We met up with another friend and the four of us watched the parade together.  Afterwards, we walked down to the Waterfront and strolled through the booths and enjoyed a couple of beers.  My fragile friend left and we caught a ride home with T’s friend Donna.  I would have liked to stay longer – the people watching is fantastic and we hadn’t seen some friends that we usually see there.  But, overall, we had a pretty good time.

Who else has a Pride story to tell?  I hope you are all out there waving your rainbow flags!


Anonymous said...

I love this post! Sounds like a blast was had. I am finally able to go to NYC Pride this year weekend so we decided to volunteer at the HRC booth for a few hours on Sunday. I can't wait to drool over a few cute butches. It's been way too long since I've had eye candy (gf not included, of course). :)

Anonymous said...

OOOPS - meant to also say that you're hair looks great!

8thday said...

Crap. We didn't do any events in our town this year. Actually I think the last time we marched in the parade, the girls were in strollers. Obviously we need to get our gay back on. We will be near NYC this weekend, maybe we will detour and see the sights.

I do think its funny that T was upset that you wanted to boob oogle at the Dyke Parade but *she* wanted to go to the Naked Bike Ride.

These days I think I could personally fuel the HotFlash/Inferno party : )

Love, love, love your hair!!!

Em said...

Love your hair! How fun!

The last time I went to Pride was a couple of years ago in the LA valley. But it's not really fun if you don't know people. I had great Prides in Phoenix many years ago.

elf said...

We haven't gone to Pride in maybe 5 years. It's more of a group thing for us and many of our friends have disperse to other parts of the country/world.

But the last time we went, the queen got effed up with a capital EF. And she never gets fucked. It was hilarious. One of those you had to be there things. It was a lot of fun. The Houston parade is at night. It's the biggest, best party of the year. Thomas loves Pride and goes every year.

It's like everybody being Irish on St. Paddy's day... at Pride, everyone is gay.

Ok... so t wanted to see naked bikers but didn't want to go to the dyke march? I don't get that.

Love the hair.

e said...

The ever-complicated T! What a gal!

Thanks for the hair love. I'm debating going shorter on the left and combing the front into a pompadour. I think it would look cool but I can't see doing it often because it would require *styling* and I usually can't be bothered.

All y'all go get your Pride on!

Jean said...

Great hair! Perfect for your cowlick.

Did you take any pictures at the naked bike ride??? Come on, please???

weese said...

love to do.
daring, yet fun.

we missed pride this year.
we knew we were going to miss it because my daughter picked that day to have her baby shower.

of course that didn't happen either.
but missing Pride one year to hold your grandson instead...well it kinda rocks.
(ah, but there is always next year!)

Maria said...

The pride parade here on the prairie is always pretty skimpy, but ALWAYS makes the news. And the media always picks the man dressed up like Barbra Streisand or the woman in full black leather on her motorcycle. It's as if they search for the best cliche that they can find.

And while there aren't many of us in the parade, I'm sure there is always someone that they know: their dentist, their pharmacist, the woman who cleans their house, the man who owns that restaurant.

So many of us...

John Gray said...

love the new hair!!!

bookish butch said...

In Montreal the Parade is kind of big, of course the news always shows members of a local 'cult' who believe in free love and expose their breasts for Pride, I don't judge, just wonder what it has to do with Pride:-) I love your hair, very becoming.

fem said...

We saw many friends, many girls who we generally only see on Satisfaction few days. My delicate friend left after several hours. We remained on a bit longer but gradually the heat and disturbance owned us out.