31 January 2014


Ok, I know it's only Friday, but we are stoked!

Yes, I dyed my hair blue and green for the game.  I went with the throwback blue and the current neon green.  T has the dark blue of the current uniforms and the neon green.  Here's something funny: I had dinner with my dad last night and he didn't say a word.  I don't know if he didn't notice or just thought it was... to be expected?  I don't know.  Funny guy.  Maybe he's rooting for the Donkeys and didn't want to say anything.  :-)

Are you going to be watching?  Are you going to root for my Seahawks?  Kaw!  Kaw!

Here's to a good game.  And a Seattle WIN!


8thday said...

Your hair is awesome!!!

Yes I'll be watching (and eating). Yes, I'm rooting for Seattle!

And if the score at each quarter ends up ending with a 6 for Seattle and a 4 for Denver, I will win a nice chunk of change.

Go Seahawks!

the only daughter said...

Love the hair. I opted out of the office pool but wish everyone well.

Yes, watching the game. Yes, rooting for Seattle.

Not to be a copycat, but Go Seahawks!!

Earth and Ink said...

I'm rooting for Seattle too! My future NorthWest home. (Well, not Seattle, you know.)

Love your hair, you look adorable. Seriously.

Kaw, kaw? Awesome.