04 February 2016

A Random Thursday in February

Good morning!

It’s Thursday so I thought I would dash off a quick post.  What quick posts and Thursdays have to do with each other, I don’t know.  Good thing this doesn’t have to make sense!

So, it’s pouring down rain, as usual.  I’m only mentioning that so that those of you to the east of me will know that more storms are coming.  Sorry about that.  It’s been a wet winter, that’s for sure. 

What’s going on around here, in a non-meteorological way?  Well, let’s see…

Last weekend T went to Las Vegas with her sister and mother.  I think they had a good time but it’s hard to tell because she came home very cranky.  It was the first time in a decade that their mom had been anywhere outside the local area.  The daughters felt pretty good about getting that to happen.  And then they badgered her to stop playing the slot machines and go for a walk, of all things.  Ha!  She was determined to win back all of her nickels!  As I said, I think they had a good time…

In the further travel adventures of T, she and her sister will be heading to Hawaii for a week this month.  Fun!  Her sister won a trip for two through her work and is taking her little sister.  I think that’s pretty nice.  I hope they have a wonderful time and that T doesn’t come home cranky this time.  Lol. 

So, what do I do when the partner is away?  Enjoy the quiet!  It’s a break from the tv, which I need so much.  I did go to a friend’s house on Saturday for dinner and socializing.  That was pleasant.  I also got a bunch of stuff done around the house that I’d been meaning to get to, and that was satisfying.  I’m starting to plan some things for her next trip, too.

On the work front, I’ve got 1 year, 4 months, 3 weeks and two days to go until I retire.  Woo hoo!  I won’t bore you with the work argy-bargy… suffice it to say that it’s work and it’s tiresome.

I don’t know if any of you are planning to watch the big football game this weekend.  Ordinarily I would be excited for that.  This year I dislike both teams and can’t bring myself to care.  Well, I hope that Denver wins because I really don’t like the quarterback for Carolina.  But, I’m not keen on Denver, either, so…  it’s a big ‘who cares’ for me.  I think we’ll go for a hike instead.  (Weather depending)

I feel like there’s no other good news to report.  I don’t want to start the day with negativity, so I’ll keep all of the bullshit to myself.  Have a great Thursday, everyone!


8thday said...

I LOVE it when I have the house to myself! No constant drone of the TV. No one wanting to share my snacks. I don't have to justify my laziness. It's all good!

We will be watching the game with the same friends we have watched with for 25 years (although we used to be 6 couples and now we are 2) And I think the girls are having boyfriends and friends here. (please come, you are always welcome : ) No one cares about the teams here either but it will be all about the food and the commercials.

Ooooohh, you are actually counting the days to retirement! So close you can see the finish line. Yay!!!

Feel free to send an email with all the other bullshit. Sharing is caring : )

e said...
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e said...

I would LOVE to watch the Supe with you! That would be so fun! How great that you've been watching with the same group for so long. Through thick and thin, good games and travesties...
Meanwhile, bring on the baseball! :^)

Middle Girl said...

I will be watching but not excitedly. It is mostly out of tradition at this point. Some of the commercials have already been released and I'm loving the Heinz Ketchup spot. I will be mostly alone, but it's all good-tradition, at this point. ;-)

Trips. Retirement. Swoon.

Pleased to have you pop in on this Randome Thursday in February. :-)

words.pics said...

It’s always nice to see you, e, random whenever. :)

I find rain comforting and I really like the sound of rain, although I realize I'm a weirdo. Meteorologically speaking.

Glad you're getting the house to yourself more than once. I live in quiet a lot of the time. Of course, other times I'm blasting music and singing along. So, maybe not any better, eh? Enjoy your quiet.

Retirement being around the corner! Soon!! ish!

I only watch football if I'm with a woman who loves football. At the moment, nope. I do have to say, without sounding too Steel Magnolias, I think the uniforms for Seattle are lovely.

Happy Thursday * Friday. Always nice to see you pop up. :)

8thday said...

Pitchers and catchers report in less than 2 weeks!

Although I have about as much hope for my baseball team this year as I did for my football team.

e said...

D: I like watching the ketchup commercial that you posted... or can I call it the mustard commercial? Who puts ketchup on a hot dog?!?!? Crazy!

Em: I love rain too, thankfully, or living here would be difficult. Not everyone can take the gray days. And, yes, the Seahawks uniforms are good! The blue and green together is yummy.

8: So excited for baseball! The kid just sent me the discount ticket schedule so we can pick which games we'll attend. I'm ready! First game on the list is is April -- coming right up. True, we will still suck, but it's a new season.

Middle Girl said...

Ketchup on hotdogs, who indeed? Heresy.

The blue / green combo is quite snazzy.

I am not particularly excited for baseball, but the daughter did get rehired by the restaurant group that services White Sox park. Another spring and summer at the ball field. I may take advantage of the Sunday brunch this year-except for when the Yankees are in town.

8thday said...

Is ketchup a regional thing? We are all about the mustard here in the northeast.

What happened to the commercials this year? A couple of good ones, but the rest very disappointing. IMO.

I see our teams will be playing each other at least twice this year. Time to start thinking up some bets. Which reminds me - I never did get your playlist.