21 February 2016

One week later

It's Sunday.  T has been in Hawaii for one week.  She gets home this evening.  Here are the highlights of my week:

  • Tuesday, had dinner with a friend (pizza and champagne), and watched 'The Queen's Garden' or something like that, which she had recorded from PBS.  Interesting!

  • Wednesday, had my usual get together with my dad.  My brother was there and asked about T.  When I said that she was in Hawaii with her sister he said, 'So, your vacation too!'  Uhhh, yeah. True.

  • Thursday, my neighbor texted me and asked if I could come over when I got home from work.  Her husband's father had died (not unexpectedly) and her son's recent marriage is on shaky ground and she didn't want to be alone with her thoughts.  Of course I went over.

  • Friday, home alone!  I think I was in bed and reading by 8:45.  Lights out shortly thereafter.  

  • Saturday evening, went to a birthday party.  Saw a number of friends all in one place, and then went home early.  It was pleasant enough, but I really just wanted to be at home.

It was a busier week than I had anticipated, but not in a bad way.  I got a few minor projects done that I wanted to address, but nothing major.  My next biggish project will be converting an old wood storage closet on the basement landing into a kitchen tool storage closet.  You know, all those space eating countertop appliances that are just too big to put anywhere.  Well, we don't use firewood in the house, and this closet is deep and can be converted to hold several shelves.  All of the large, awkward, bulky stuff (crock pots, canning pots, food processor, etc) will then be stored just a few steps away.  Maybe I'll get that done this summer.

Meanwhile, I have had a very restful week, despite all of the social activity, and feel good.  Centered and calm.  This week has been a good reminder of how valuable solitude is to me.  I will keep this reminder close to me going forward.

And, just because I mentioned Spring last time, Hello Violets!  I had one tiny patch of violets burst into bloom this week.  Love them!  Still waiting for daffodils, etc, but they are coming...  Sprng is Coming!


Middle Girl said...

Talked to my daughter recently about shifting some spaces (dining room / pantry) to make them more useful, functional and the entire space more livable. I like the idea of a kitchen tool closet.

Tip, tapping my foot for a sign, any sign that spring is on the way. 57 degrees on Feb 20 is a start, but not nearly enough. ;-)

Yes, being pouty about it.

Glad you had a busy (in a good way) introspective, productive week.

SPRING 1, 2, 3 Gooooo......

illustr8d said...

All the trees are flowering here in LA. The streets are suddenly lined with pink, and the ornamental cherry (huge, by the way) in one of the courtyard areas of my brother's building has already lost its petals, showering everything with small white discs that gathered in corners and crevices like gentle snow. Ah LA, where seasons are far more subtle than most places, though less so than the true desert.

I am looking forward to going North to see what can be seen.

Your week sounds busier than I would have expected, but also rather nice. I am going to have to look up the Queen's Garden.

And I just saw a large appliance closet on Pinterest...thought it looked like a good idea! So good luck with that! (read in a sincere not sarcastic voice.)

Secret Agent Woman said...

So you had a lot less alone time than I'd have guessed. But it still sounds like a very pleasant week.

8thday said...

And not one mention of writing???

Although basketball is over, Martha's school break is over so at least I get some quiet time back.
Honestly, that woman has the TV on from the moment she gets up, and often falls asleep to it. It's usually the DIY network or HGTV where she finds lots and lots of new projects for me. Oy! Of course, if you want some help with that applicance closet (great idea) I'd be happy help.

Violets in February? You are so a show off!

e said...

8 - I got a little writing done, but mostly some rough outlines of the next book in the series. But, a little writing on that early one that is still unfinished. Slowly moving forward.

SAW - It was indeed a pleasant week! I'd take another!

Em - I just saw a plum tree in full flower! Spring in Portland is gorgeous.

MG - Go ahead and pout, but it is coming! I swear it is!