14 February 2016

Sunday morning musing

Good morning!

I dropped T off at the airport at 8:20 this morning.  She is on her trip to Hawaii with her sister.  They will be gone for a week.  I really hope that she can spend the time resting and restoring her physical and mental self.  She is tired.  This will do her good.

So, that means that I have my house to myself for a week!  Yay!  Time for quiet and reflection, or projects that are on my list.  My time is my own.  I'm tempted to take the week off work but I'm saving my PTO for something else.  Well, I might take one day off...  plus, Monday is President's Day and I have that day off.  So, yes, some quality time home alone.

Listen, you NorthEasters, NorthCentralers, GreatLakers, GreatPlainsers (you know who you are), Spring is coming.  I know it may not seem like it right now, but it's on its way.  I promise.  We are being battered with rain but the bulb flowers are pushing through the soil and will be blooming any day now.  So, hold on.  Have hot chocolate.  Or a hot toddy.  Look out at the snow and plunging thermometer and say, 'Spring is coming.'

I'm off to go do something.  Not sure what just yet.  Might just walk around the house a bit and see what bubbles up to the top. Cheers!


illustr8d said...

This is a very sweet post. I hope whatever something you're doing is lovely & soul-filling.

I am excited to plan & have a garden. Maybe just something tiny, in containers, this year. But I really want to grow some food. And some flowers.

Happy Valentine's Day, to a very sweet hearted person. May your week be fab.

Middle Girl said...

Here's to a pleasant and restorative week for T and for you as well. I shall dream (hard) for Spring.

Thanks for the imagery. :-)

8thday said...

Quality time home alone.
Quality time home alone.
Quality time home alone.

Oh sorry, I got lost in that imagery... I know, someday the girls *will* move out and then I will miss them terribly. But for now, they are home AND basketball season just ended and Martha will be around A LOT more, so you may find me at your doorstep : )

Seriously, I am happy that T is getting a vacation after a hard fought battle and I am happy for you that you get the quiet time you need and deserve after being so supportive of her. It's a win/win.

Spring. In the best of years we don't get daffodils until April so I still have a long wait. If we could just get some snow (it has missed us every time) and some non-life threatening temperatures, I would be happy to enjoy winter until then.

e said...

Illustr8d: Growing things is so restorative. Something small, in a container is quite doable, and it does give that profound satisfaction when it is edible and you eat it. Such an earth connection.

Middle Girl: Yes! Keep dreaming!

8thday: I thought you would be buried in snow by now. The weather types keep showing dire forecasts for the NE and I keep thinking that you'll have plenty of snow to play in. Also, I would love to find you on my doorstep!!!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I'm glad you are getting some quiet time for yourself.

I do want to believe spring is on its way, but it's hard to when I put on my winter coat each morning. But soon!!!

8thday said...

Be careful what you ask for . . . : )

This morning I woke to a couple of inches of snow. But it is going up to 50 degrees today so it will be gone by afternoon. Yep, -25 degrees on Sunday, 50 degrees on Tuesday. Strange weather we've been having.

e said...

Climate change? What's that???