04 April 2016

Nothing much

Hey, You Gals!

I’ve been telling myself for weeks to assemble some thoughts and words for a blog post.  A few times I even thought ‘that might be of interest’ but, whatever those thoughts were, they’re gone now.  So, I’m taking a few minutes to tell you that I don’t have anything to tell you.

What else?

Spring is here in all her glory.  Spring in the PNW is ridiculously lush.  Walking though petal-storms all the time, streets turned pink, pollen blowing in yellow clouds… you get the idea.  Seriously though? If you ever come to Portland, Spring is absolutely gorgeous.

Today the lilac opened.  :-)

But, I’m not gloating!  Really!  Some of you are getting snow, actual snow (that you didn’t get in the Winter!), when you should be getting flowers.  It’s sad when that happens.  What frequently happens here is that the cherry trees all burst into bloom when a storm front arrives.  Yes, the gutters are pink for a couple of days, but the trees are beaten down and the whole thing is just a soggy mess.  We’ve had a mixed bag of late, but we had nearly a week of sunshine, so I’m not complaining about the rain today.


T is finally selling her house.  It was on the market when we first met, but the time wasn’t right.  She has been renting it to her brother for several years but he can’t afford the amount of the mortgage payment, so T has had to pay every month to make up the difference.  She’s tired of that, and his kids are now out of the 3 bedroom house, so it’s time for him to downsize.  She has spent the last month working on it on the weekends – painting the inside (every room), adding a half bath, replacing blinds, clearing out the garage – and then took last week off work to paint the exterior.  It was forecast to be sunny and dry for 5 days so she had to go for it!  I took off Friday and also spent all day Saturday painting.  Wow, am I out of shape!  I could feel all of that ladder work!


Garlic.  Planted late last summer.  Thriving.  But, that’s all I’ve got.  Oh, and herbs.  But that’s all.  Haven’t even weeded yet.  Bad gardener!

Summer plans?

Trailer camping with our friends.  Fun!  Ft Stevens State Park – We haven’t camped there before.  It’s beside the Pacific, at the mouth of the mighty Columbia.  Putting along in the vintage truck and trailer combo, it’ll only take a couple of hours, at most, to get there.  Maybe an hour and a half.  Close.  I hope I get some smoked tuna!!!  OH. MY. GOOD. FOOT!!!  So delish!  We’ve got good seafood on our coast.  Have I ever mentioned the Willapa Bay oysters?  So.Good.

Ok, clearly, I am rambling now.  Time to get back to the spreadsheets.

Cheers, m’dears…


8thday said...

I am going to ignore all your talk of Spring while I go shovel my driveway.

I am ultra impressed with the work T has done! That's a lot of work for anybody, but for someone who has recently gone through hell with cancer, I think that puts her in a super power category.

I've never tried to plant garlic. You'll have to give me a few pointers.

I like your summer plans. Sounds absolutely delightful.

Middle Girl said...

Lush. Spring. Heh.. I ain't mad atcha. Enjoy.

Great work getting that house ready to market. Good golly I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

I have "garlic" written on my white board on the fridge. I don't remember why. It'll come to me soon. I'm sure. ;-)

I can pass on the camping, but seafood. . Yum.

Good to see you.

illustr8d said...


I love lilac. I want a lilac bush bad. But first I need a place to plant it. ;)
Well done, T. Getting rid of the house will be a boon financially in both directions, which is a good thing. Kind to have her brother there,though.

I am seriously seriously thinking about getting a small trailer. I have a garage for the first time in a very long time and so I have a place it could live. Seriously thinking about it. You're making me think harder. ;)

Always happy to see a plufrompdx post.

e said...

8: T is amazing when she puts her mind to something. I have learned a lot from her about just getting it done, just starting a project, just moving forward. She is a hard worker. Thankfully, she has rebounded very well from the cancer treatment. Fingers crossed going forward...

MG: Lush spring, Seafood, hard work... it all keeps happening. Plus, you'd probably like the way we go 'camping'. Drip coffee pot and toaster to start my day! With the trailer, it's more like hanging out in the woods in comfort than camping!

Illstr8: The lilacs are absolutely heavenly. Seriously.
T has been very kind to her brother. He has issues (more than most who claim such) and needs help from his family and the government to get by. And, yes, big props to T for supporting him for 8 years.

On the small trailer concept, I heartily endorse it! We love our vintage trailer,but we don't live it it. That's a whole nother dealio.

Middle Girl said...

Winding down from two (count em, two) in a row 70+ days with plenty of sunshine, I keep thinking about lush and how that feels. :-)


Middle Girl said...

FYI I accidentally deleted one of your comments whilst trying to publish from my mobile device. Bad move. It was saved elsewhere so I posted it as Anonymous. I think it was the Flashback post. Sorry. :-(