27 December 2010

Holiday giving

We survived the holiday.  It was touch and go a few times, but we made it.  The very best part?  Walking dogs at the animal shelter at 6am on Christmas morning.

My girlfriend volunteers at the county animal shelter, walking and bathing dogs, and occasionally driving them to a new shelter or rescue outfit.  Her regular walk day is Saturday, at 6am.  It's the shift called potty walk for very good reason.  So, with the holiday falling on a Saturday, we weren't sure how many people would show up.  I offered to go with her and help out.  It's overwhelming but the dogs are so damned grateful to get out of the kennel for a few minutes.

We took them little chunks of cheese and various dog treats.  They were wonderful, adorable and heartbreaking.  T knows that she can't bring anymore home, but she would love to.  It's hard not to!

It was definitely the best part of the day.


8thdayplanner said...

I am not allowed near shelters because I would bring them all home. In fact, most days I think I'd rather live with animals than people.

I am grateful for people like you and T who remember god's creatures. Blessings.

the only daughter said...

That sounds like a perfectly lovely way to speand part of a day. :-)

Anonymous said...

Shelters are very hard on me too. I'm really impressed that T. volunteers there - it's so sweet and necessary.