30 June 2011

Feeling good

I made some delicious beef stew for my parents and took it over last night.  Yes, I know that summer is not beef stew season but remember, we live in the Pacific Northwest and it is not summery here.  So far this year we have had temperatures over 80 degrees just 3 times.  It's cool and breezy right now.  Plus, comfort food is satisfying in all seasons.  The stew is one of my few tried and true, reliable, great tasting meals.  I am not a cook. But, that's ok because my mom is not much of an eater.  She does love my stew though.

While I was there, my dad gave me the run down on the latest visit to the doctor.  Actually, they visited the Nurse Practitioner.  It was very encouraging!  My mom is feeling much better, and her oxygen saturation is staying well within the normal range.  I think the pneumonia is finally resolving.  Also, her inner ear thing (infection? something?) must be better as well, because her balance is much better.  She was feeling pretty perky last night.  That made me feel better.  Oh, and this: the NP told them that they have a couple of patients who have been in hospice for 3 and 4 years.  That made us all feel better.  My dad said, "Let's plan Christmas!"  Smiles all around.

Just so I could feel useful, I ordered one of those fancy walkers with a basket and a seat and bicycle style brakes.  You can get anything from Amazon!  It should be arriving today or tomorrow and I think it will really help my mom with her mobility.  She tires easily but still wants to be out and about.

All of this gave me a really good feeling yesterday.  She may not have as long above ground as I want, but she doesn't yet have a foot in the grave.


8thdayplanner said...

This IS great, happy news!

Yes, smiles all around. Hopefully for a good long while.

Prayers ascending daily.

Anonymous said...

It must feel like a giant brick was taken off your chest! This is wonderful news. :)

weese said...

and yes, its important to keep living to the fullest and go right ahead and make plans.
my wife worked with hospice patients for awhile - and really ...you just never know. revel the good days!!

Grumpy Granny said...

See, here's the thing...nobody KNOWS. Doctors can say, "2 years, 6 months, a matter of weeks" but nobody KNOWS. So I would say, throw the time limit out the window, yes, by all means plan that Christmas and anything else your mom wants to do. The time comes to all of us. In the meantime, do fun, lovely things that everyone will enjoy and remember with a smile. So glad to hear this news.


the only daughter said...

A friend's dad is "surprised" all his doctors, two years after his "only weeks" prognosis. And yes, indeed, revel the good days.

Anonymous said...

The really great thing about you is that you are able to find the good and positive in everything. Your mom must cherish this quality in you now more than ever. =)